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Spector Czech-made

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by creeping_deth, Apr 18, 2002.

  1. How's it goin' everyone, I just wanted to ask a little advice. I've been playin' bass for some 4 odd years now and I'm lookin to add another bass to my collection. I've had my MIM Jazz bass for quite some time now and I still love it to deth but recently, as I was going to pick up a set of D'addrio Prisms, a bass caught my eye. It's an amber stain, Czech Republic made,bolt-on Spector. Now I'm a huge fan of Spectors (I almost bought a fretless one once) and I diffently want one in the future. So I picked it up and banged around with it and man it felt like a really well built bass. The neck was the perfect fit and the wood was amazing, but the price was alittle steep for me 1,499 cnd. Just for kicks I got the guy over and started bargining. To my amazment I managed to get him to come down considerably to around 950. I told him I'd think about it..so here I am, trying to find as much info as possable on Spector's. I think it was about 2 years old and he wants to move it seeing as there ain't very many bass players in North Van. But I just wanted to ask if anyone has one of these basses or has played one if they could pass on any info it would be much apperciated..thanks alot!
  2. Bolt-on Czech Spector? Definately not 2 years old then. The new Czech Re-Bop spectors came out no longer than a year ago, i don't even think 6 months ago, but maybe, so 2 years, definately not. Secondly, I don't know the conversation, but i'll tell you this, $1500USD is how much the neck-through Czech goes for, 5 string model that is.
  3. Hurry up now boy and git' it! That there's a mighty fine bass. www.ssd.com

    Go to the website and check it out to see if it's a Re - Bop. I think it is...A fat humbucker in bridge and a jazz in the neck? Dot inlays?
  4. I'd say be careful about what he's saying. Bolt on Czech Spector only recently came out - they didn't exist as far as I know 2 years ago!! Maybe it a US bolt on??

    I'd check out the bass more closely, at 950 bucks it might well be worth it if it's in good nick - and checks out!
  5. Hey creeping_deth, I'm chillin it homie G style in the Wesside! er... I live in evil west van... believe it or not there are other bassists here on the north shore, just not many :)

    As for the Czechtor, what store is it at? I've probably played it, and I really like Czechtors.

    It sounds like it calls your name, so to speak, so pounce on it!

    Have you seen that nice mapleglo Ric 4001v63 at Calder? Oye... shame it's got that nasty scratch in the fingerboard at the twelfth fret. Plus nobody buys expensive instruments on the north shore... bummer, I have to over to Granville to play anything remotely interesting :(

  6. The "Rebop" Czech made bolt on Spector has only been around since January. However, I've seen some pics of a few bolt on Czech Spectors a year or so ago floating around Europe. I heard that these basses were only available in some select European countries and not in North America. Other than the couple of pics I've seen, I don't know much about those basses.

    The best bet is to get the serial number of the bass which may be on the back of the neck or in the control cavity. Then e-mail the info to Spector at [email protected] and ask which model this bass you are looking to buy is.

    Good luck!!!
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