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Spector Euro 4 + Mesa Walkabout + Avatar B115 :: questions!

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by markfsanderson, May 27, 2005.

  1. Hello!
    I'm a new bass player(bought my bass in Oct 2004 didn't play . . just restarted playing in earnest 4 weeks ago) As a gift to myself for quiting smoking (6 weeks on 5/30/05), I'm purchasing a cabinet to use with my setup. I've settled on the Avatar B115, and will be ordering one soon. I'm aware of the the writeup on the xover/filter modifications and I'll be doing that one myself(I'm fairly handy with a soldering gun). The reviews on this cabinet have impressed me . . as well as the great price! I purchased a Mesa Walkabout for $474.00 @ the GC on Westheimer in Houston Texas when they marked them down to move them. I believe that they still have one left - brand new w/full 5 year transferable warranty - I'm confused as to why it's still there unsold! I also lucked out on purchasing my Bass as well ($640.00 for new Euro 4 Oct 2004) . . . A few questions on setting up:
    1. I know that I'm not supposed to use instrument cable between the amp and cabinet - what do I use then? Are there any brands that seem to work better than others? I believe that the Amp->Cab connection is shielded and the Bass->Amp connection is unshielded . . . Any help/advice here is much appreciated. Also any advice on instrument cable would be nice as well . . . I have some standard GC stuff that I'm using . . . I'm not sure if it's the cable or my basses output but it's noisey when bumped (crack!).
    2. On the walkabout, there is an 'effects loop'. I've read about where there are disagreements about where to put what kind of effect - on the loop or between the head and the bass. My reading suggests that dynamic (volume, distortion and etc) type effects are best between the head and bass and that time bassed (phaser, flanger, chorus, etc) are best in the loop . . . Is this correct? Opinions?
    Thanks guys . . .(and gals!) . . . Although Geddy Lee I'll never be . . . It's a heck of alot more constructive than smoking!

    Mark F. Sanderson
  2. Anyone? Bump!
  3. Use speaker cable...don't know what connections you have as outputs from your amp, but the Avatar cab will have 1/4" and speakon connections.
  4. Well I can answer your first question. Buy a good quality speaker cable to run between your amp and cabinet. If both the amp and cabinet have a Speak-On cable jack, use that, they are much more secure than 1/4" Jacks.
  5. popinfresh


    Dec 23, 2004
    Melbourne, Aus
    Yes, use speaker cables with the amp/cab.

    With the bass and amp, i'd usually recommend Planet Waves cables, but seens that you have a spector, you might not want to use them. With certain Spector models (Though i'm unsure of which ones) the planet wave jacks won't fit in the input properly, and i've seen a few guys ruin either the cable or input by trying to force it in there.
  6. I never had any issues with this on my Spector NS2000, although the cable was a rather tight fit- it never broke anything. Plant Waves make great cables.
  7. popinfresh


    Dec 23, 2004
    Melbourne, Aus
    ^Yeah, with some models it can damage things though, especially if you try forcing.

    I went on work experience at Billy Hyde for 1 week and in that time two people came in with that problem.

    So just thought i'd give a heads up.
  8. Interesting, I wonder if it was only certain models- or just a batch of dodgy jacks? :eyebrow:

    Did you go to the Billy Hyde sale on the w/e Pop? I was going to go Saturday, but I slept in so I went to bass center to try out some amps instead while the G/F's Brother went a got his new Gibson from Billy Hydes- I hear it was packed.
  9. popinfresh


    Dec 23, 2004
    Melbourne, Aus
    Nah, I was going to. But couldn't be bothered with the crowds. Plus I don't really have any reason to, heheh.

    I went last time and picked up my SWR WM 210 for $450. Not bad, I really like the cab too.
  10. Erm, isnt it Bass -> Amp is shielded and Amp -> Cab is unshielded? , best thing to do is just ask for a speaker cable for going Amp to Cab, there are better quality cables (as with everything), but they cost more, i personally just use the cheap short speaker cables, nothing fancy or low gauge (the lower the gauge the thicker the wire)

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