Spector Euro 4 VS Musicman Sterling

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  1. Are you saying Ampeg are better than Ashdown?
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    I couldn't have put it better myself.... both great instruments, try them both. Though (obviously!) my vote would go to the Spector...! ;) :bassist:
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    It's "Are you saying Ampeg IS better than Ashdown?"

    I'm saying....wait, I'm not saying anything. My REAL opinion is that anyone who comes here asking whicih bass to buy can only get very general ideas about what might work for them.

    Play both basses. Within an hour or so, you'll know which one is right for you.

    And amps - and especially cabs - can make all the difference in the world. As can strings. It took me a long time to find "my" sound, and it didn't come from the bass alone.
  4. I've owned both and I kept the Sterling. Here's why,
    Neck size (Sterling is small like a Jazz, Spector big like a P)
    Slapability, I had to try pretty hard to fluently on the Euro, the Sterling I have to try pretty hard not to slap ;)
    Tone, the Euro's output was so hot I had to watch for feedback killer tone but I didn't find it very warm which is more important to me then cut.
    I think you've narrowed it down to 2 outstanding basses. both clearly at the top of their price range. Both have insane build quality and looks (mine's gold sparkle!). This is a high quality problem to face. Rock on......
  5. Spector has gone through many, many neck profiles since Czech production began. Just because one era is uncomfortably large to a certain player, that does not mean every neck will be. The first run of basses had thick, wide necks. When they introduced the quasi-US upgrades (crown-style fingerboard inlays, et al) the necks were both narrower and thinner front-to-back than earlier models. They they changed again.
    As a blanket statement, "Spectors have fat necks" is simply untrue.
  6. I never played an Euro spector, butthe cheaper versions of it. The felt like I was playing something made of plastic:) but then again, those were the cheap versions, I would like to check an euro Spector.
    So I can't really compare the 2 basses, but like Bovine said, test them both, and get the one that feels and sounds best for you (and be sure to test them on a good amp:))

    And not only ampeg is made for manly men, so is EBS :hyper:
  7. Well Tahnsk for all your hel again I have 2 AMPS for practive I have a TENNY TINY 20 watt Peavey and for llouder practive i have bxt dual triode amp (Crate) it has 2 12 inch woofers in it thanks