SOLD Spector Euro 4LX - Stunning Tobacco Burst

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    Up for sale here is a truly gorgeous Spector Euro 4LX in Tobacco Burst gloss finish. I find this to be a beautiful bass and the pics do not do it justice! It's a deep brown-tobacco color, not the redish tint in the photos. Unfortunately, in my lighting it wouldn't photograph as well as it looks in person. One of the nicest Spector finishes I've seen to date.

    Bass is in excellent shape with no marks or dings to speak of. If there's something there, I can't see it! Spector Tone Pump preamp. Typical Spector growl and bark. Neck is thin for a Euro and very nice to play. It's certainly not a baseball bat like some Spector's. Hipshot Drop D-Tuner. Weighs right at 9lbs on my scale. Aftermarket Gator hardcase included.

    Reasonable offers considered.

    Trade interests: Fender MIA Jazz basses or MIM PJ basses plus $$$


    Here's a more accurate representation of the body color:

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    GAS Sweet Bass!!!
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