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Spector Euro5 vs Spector US BO 5 vs Warwick LX Custom 5

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by jcburn, Dec 21, 2005.

  1. Hello people and Chrissy greetings to all!
    Need some help on this one.As usual cant make up my mind.As mentioned above I'm looking at 3 different basses.All are gonna cost me 'bout the same $.I already own a Euro 5 but want something similar as a backup, so I know what I'm gettin' with that one.Has anyone any experience with the other two models to compare.I like the sound of both so I don't get into the Spector vs Warwick thing.The Spector BO 5 is standard and a good price, the Warwick is an LX with extended 35" scale and Ash back,walnut center and Bird's Eye maple 1/2 inch top.
    The biggest thing I want to compare is how they are going to balance.As mentioned I know how the Euros are.They tend to be a little neck heavy and seem to wanna hang fairly horizontal.I dont mind this and love mine.
    How would the others behave.
    Thanks in advance for any info!
  2. IMO, if this is going to be used as a backup, live I assume, I would stick with the Euro, if for no more reason in that you wont have to change your rig settings by sticking with the same bass setup if you had to change mid set. Im in the same boat. Ive got a Euro 5 and love it, but I need a backup as well and Im just looking to get another Euro, in green if I can find one. That just makes sense to me and a little less hassle rig wise if something were to happen at the gig. Of course, this is if you want a backup only, if youre looking for a different sound, well thats something completely different. But, is there any good reason to own a Warwick? Just kiddin'. Good Luck.
  3. Thanks man - good thinking.I was after something slightly different soundwise but similar playing wise.If yer after a Euro (albiet not green) there is a guy selling one for $925 US including shipping in the lower 48.Do a search under Spector at www.bassgear.com.I would grab it but its just out of my league when you throw in shipping and import duties.Its trans black I think - a fairly rare colour!Case.Looks in A1 condition.
    Also the only reason I mentioned the Warwick is cause its available here in Australia.Cuts out shipping and import duties.I would prefer a Spector.