SOLD Spector EuroLX Ultra Amberburst with custom Bartolini Pickups !

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    Hello fellow TB members I’ve got that GAS and need to let go of two of my Euro Lx basses. You know the name and tone....

    First one up is my Ultra Amberburst Euro LX. This bass is from 2018. It has the special custom wound Bartolini Pickups specially made for Spector. Preamp wise it has the Spector TonePump. This preamp has a dial which allows customization. This bass is a 35” scale bass.
    This bass has that pop which sits right on top This bass is a beast not completely happy about letting it go. This one I’m selling for $1550 shipped. I will if interested provide a video if you are interested and want to know how it sounds. Have a good one thanks for looking !!!

    Here is a video of the actual bass being played.

    Black Euro has sold !!!!

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