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Spector Legend 5 v. Skyline 55-01

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by KYJazzy, Dec 16, 2004.

  1. KYJazzy


    Nov 10, 2004
    Lexington, KY
    Finally narrowing down my 5-string choices (whew) :help:

    all right guys, need some help, what's the verdict. I don't have hands-on access to either (unless I were to truck up to Cincy Guitar Center, I suppose) and I like the different features of both. From what I hear the Lakland is nothing short of phenomenal. I could definitely see that given their quality control and craftsmanship.

    On the otherhand, I don't want to rule out the Spector just yet - from what I hear its great and if I can go lower (in price) w/out sacrificing something great for a new amp, then I like that option. What do you guys think? Can Lakland be beaten? :bassist:
  2. in my opinion those are both equally good basses. you will find that the spector neck is very different from the lakland. the spector is going to be thicker and mor rounded with tighter string spacing. where the lakland has wide string spacing and is a flatter and less thick neck compared to the spector. I have played both and think they both sound great and have similar tone qualities to them.

    the hard part about this comparison is the main difference is going to be in how they play and I think if you were able to play both it would be easy to decide which one you like best due to the very different necks. I think both are nice but prefer the neck that lakland uses.
  3. Ryan L.

    Ryan L. Moderator Staff Member Supporting Member

    Aug 7, 2000
    West Fargo, ND
    I have only played the Lakland. I was totally impressed with the one I have played. If you can play both, do it, though. I am sure the Spectors are great as well.
  4. Eggman


    Dec 3, 2004
    Denver, Colorado
    I have purchased and returned 3 Spectors in the past - all in the price range of the Legend series. I didn't think their build quality was very good and I couldn't get the sound I wanted.

    I purchased a Lakland 55-01 on eBay on a whim - to see if it could be the back-up to my Dingwall. It's staying. IMO it is a great bass for the price - great build quality and sound.

    Ultimately, though, it does come down to personal preference - how a bass feels and sounds to you.
  5. KYJazzy


    Nov 10, 2004
    Lexington, KY
    Argh, I hate the 'great bass for the price' thing. It seems everyone here on talkbass has an infinite pocketbook! :smug: But yeah I'm not prepared to spend 1000+ bucks on a bass. You can make a bass for under 1k sound just as great, and save some money. :bag:

    Anyway from what it sounds like I'm going to have to go to Guitar Center anyway to play both of these basses. From the neck description above it sounds like I'll be a bigger fan of the Lakland, considering I play mostly fender jazzes.

    Anyone got any clips or other input?
  6. DanGouge


    May 25, 2000
    Laklands have great feeling necks, and the quality level for the Skyline series is, in the examples I've seen, as good as anything else out there that is mass produced. Don't know much about the Spectors, but the Lakland Skyline is definitely a good deal.
  7. McHack


    Jul 29, 2003
    Central Ohio!
    If you're not ready to drop thousands on a boutique bass, you're just not going to find anything better than a Lakland Skyline. I love my 55-01. The ONLY reason I'd get rid of it is, if I became suddenly rich & could replace it w/ a USA Lakland.

    The analogies regarding neck profiles are pretty accurate. I personally, don't care for baseball bat necks. That's why I didn't bother with a Rick. Same goes for the Spector.
  8. Eggman


    Dec 3, 2004
    Denver, Colorado
    Ok - do you like "it's a great value" better? My statement was intended to mean that I didn't expect a bass in that price range to be built so damn well and sound so damn good. Does that help?

    It does seem that quite a few people on TB have some deep pockets - with all the pics of multiple boutique basses. They must have great paying day jobs!!

    Sorry if my comment offended - just meant to cast my vote for Lakland over Spector as to your original question.
  9. KYJazzy


    Nov 10, 2004
    Lexington, KY
    Oh, no no, no offense taken at all! I didn't mean to sound cross in my reply, either. I was just expressing my disgust for everyone's multitude of money/gear here on the forums! :p

    Anyway your comment was helpful, it does seem as if Skylines are the way to go. Somewhere deep down I can't help but feel I'd rather have the 55-02 over the 01, but that is quite a bit more money. Are they totally worth it? What does the J/MM offer over the soapbars?
  10. I would go for the Lakland. I haven't been able to play the legend series, but I had a q5 for a week and got rid of it, as it wasn't for me. Right now, I would take the lakland over the spector. I am not a fan of korean made spectors.