Spector Legend & 6 string basses

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  1. Ive been looking at 6 string basses for a while now, I like the Modulus Quantum 6, but thats a bit out of my price range and hard to find a newer model used.

    So I've been checking out the Spector Legends, I heard lots of good things about Spectors, how do the Legends fare?

    Basically what I'm asking is, should I go for a bass in the $1000 range, or should I save up and go for a Modulus or a boutique bass?
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    Get a Spector...

    ...I like Moduli (?), but I've never played any instrument like my KOREAN Spectors...I've got a Czech one now that plays might fine as well...the US ones would probably blow my mind! :D

    Alla dat to say, it comes down to your own personal opinion (though it sounds like it comes down to your wallet as well...), so A/B them if you can and then make your own choice, man!