For Sale/Trade Spector Legend Classic 6 F#-G w/Spector bag $450

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  1. Spector Legend Classic 6 string with .182 +.124-.037 Circle K Strings drops tuned, balanced set tuned low F#-G I used in my band that plays 8 string guitar. I have since upgraded, to an Ibanez SR756, that works really well for the low tuning, as well, and I only need one bass for this project

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    Dec 5, 2007
  3. I am willing to trade for another 6 string bass, make me an offer, or a Genz Benz Shuttle extension cab, say the 12" or 2 x 10" BUMP!!!!
  4. Still up for grabs! Super low price for a bass of this quality/condition
  5. Still waiting for a forever home!! Don't make me drop the price!!
  6. Sold