SOLD Spector NS-2 - Woodstock-era - Tiger Maple

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  1. japhy4529

    japhy4529 this is only a test...

    2003 Spector NS-2 in great condition. Tiger maple wings, maple neck, pau ferro board, EMGs, US HAZ preamp. Includes OHSC.

    There a few small dings on the headstock (bass side). Otherwise, it’s in great shape for a 15 year old bass

    $2800 professionally packed, insured and shipped CONUS by UPS.

    No trade offers, please.

    468AF215-FDB5-45F7-8E96-CD30C076CBCC.jpeg 134E9173-0EE1-41A2-9D1F-A79A04E288D9.jpeg 1C8F4103-108C-4FD5-9145-C4AE6F820890.jpeg A979B389-71DD-433D-A532-5111AD6AD154.jpeg 97D6A859-A737-41C4-97F5-92857CE0FA51.jpeg
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    Aug 3, 2016
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  3. Rod Harder

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    I owned this bass for a (too short) while and it's everything you expect a USA Spector NS2 to be and then some. If $ wasn't a constant nemesis it'd still be here in my home. This is one of the best NS2 basses I've ever played and I've owned 70+ Spector basses since 1987.
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  4. prue


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    Sweet!! I'll trade you my Forte4 w/HAZ pre for it... LOL
    Beautiful bass.
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  5. Gasman

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    Apr 9, 2007
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  6. Rod Harder

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    That didn't last long. It's a great bass, congrats to the lucky owner.
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