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Spector NS-2A elect. upgrade...suggestions?

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by Tim Cole, Apr 1, 2003.

  1. Tim Cole

    Tim Cole

    Jun 12, 2002
    Findlay, Ohio
    I recently picked up an NS-2A bass, with the stock select pups and pre. I am wanting to upgrade the entire system, but don't really want the "Spector" growl.....so EMG's are out. I'm looking for something a bit brighter, with more of a modern tone, without all the edge and growl. I love the looks, feel, and playability of the spectors, the tone just isn't for me. A warwick'ish tone could be cool.... Suggestions?
  2. alexclaber

    alexclaber Commercial User

    Jun 19, 2001
    Brighton, UK
    Director - Barefaced Ltd
    Well IME Warwicks growl much more than Spectors because of the wenge (or ovangkol) necks. All the Spectors I've ever played have had more thunder than my Warwick and less midrange complexity. Confused...

  3. Tim Cole

    Tim Cole

    Jun 12, 2002
    Findlay, Ohio
    Now I'm confused too. My spectors I have owned have had a lot of harsh bite. Some of the warwicks I have heard seem to have a bit of a colored/effected sound that interests me....
  4. Caca de Kick

    Caca de Kick Supporting Member

    Nov 18, 2002
    Seattle / Tacoma

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