Spector NS 5 CRFM in Amber with OHSC for $1100

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  1. I am possibly going to sell my Czech 5 string Spector. It's one of the newer models with the pearl inlays and AAA figured maple. The color is amber. The reason that i am considering selling it is because i would like to get a DP custom and i might have to to afford it. It's in absolute, pristine condition. I know the DP will have a different sound than the spector, it'll have that nice EMG growl, but...I think if i have to choose, i'd like to have my DP. If you live near Philadelphia and want to pick it up, or in NYC and want to meet me to pick it up, shipping can be free, else you'd have to pay for it. It comes with the Spector hardshell case. Again, this isn't necessarily for sale, i need to first see if there is interest, and then see if i can get the DP without selling this one. Email me if you are interested.
  2. Pic #2: Headstock
  3. This bass is still for sale, only this time, it's for sure for sale. I know what i want and the only way to get it is to part with this one for that.
  4. BUMP, i'm doing my best to sell this bass off of ebay.
  5. Do you still have it? How does she sound? And are you willing to go down any on the price?
  6. I still have it but at this point am not going to sell it. It sounds great and as for the price, i think that if i were going to sell it still, $1100 for a mint Czech spector from the new series, with the hardshell case is a steal.
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