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Spector NS-K30 BC

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Mr. Dead, Jun 26, 2001.

  1. Yeah i saw that, now that's a beauty. What you gotta wonder is, how does that baby sound? I mean, 32,000 year old wood, you gotta wonder. hehe :) It only gives me so much GAS it's incredible i'm still in orbit.
  2. Well, it has been said that the longer wood dries, the better the resonation sounds. After being under sand (which is dry in itself) for an estimated 32,000 years, this bass should be the God of all bass guitars. Add that to the fact that Stu built this baby. Damn, someone donate 20 Grand my way, pleeeease! I know one of ya out there is a rich benefactor and wouldn't mind helpin' a brother out!!! Cant'cha see, I'm even beggin' for it!!!!!!!
    I wish he'd at least feature this bass at Bass Day LA this Saturday cuz I'll be there. He won't display this bass 'til Summer Namm show in Nashville. Shame on Stu!!!

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