Spector NS2000 Q6 Bass

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Luis Fabara, Aug 13, 2000.

  1. Luis Fabara

    Luis Fabara

    Aug 13, 2000
    Ecuador (South America)
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    Im looking forward to buy a 6-String bass.
    I just sold my Ibanez ATK300, and have played with an SR506 and a Fodera E-Model 6String.
    I have found that the Ibanez SR506 fills my needs somewhat but dont like it too much.
    How good is the NS2000 Q6? Has anyone played/have one?
    How would compare against an Ibanez SR1306 (That's my other option to buy) ? (Not in the price department but Performance)
    Does the Q6 have the curved body like the "Higher end" Spectors??
    I play Progressive Metal but do a lot of Slapping / tapping stuff, so a VERY LOW action is required.
    Any Comments?

  2. I have only seen one of the "Q" series basses, an NS2000/Q4 and it did not have the carved ergonomic, or curved body that the std NS2000 models do. that's probably one of the reasons it is several hundred $$$ less. The body is Basswood with a quilted maple veneer glued to both sides.

    The std NS2000 series are carved from solid maple.