SOLD Spector NS2A '88 Closet Classic!

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    Sep 17, 2007
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    So I've moved to 32" scale, a more natural-feeling, and couldn't be happier! Unfortunately I have a few REALLY nice 34"s that I don't know if I should sell or store away.

    Here's an almost MINT '88 NS2A, "Sting" Closet Classic beauty!

    Yep, she's all there in just amazing condition, (all stock except for an Aguilar OBP-2, Dunlop strap pins, and Euro Knobs).
    Original Schaller "E" tuner will be re-installed. (will include NEW Schaller DeTuner for an additional $50.)

    Unfortunately it took a hard bump on it's way to me, cracking the paint in a small area near control cavity. Crack goes into the wood about 1/8" according to my luthiers inspection w/a blacklight. Thanks UPS! U People Suck!

    The crack hasn't grown, I've even tried to see it it'll spread and it wont.
    As much as I want to believe it's a Priceless gem, (it really is)..., but warrants repair if you want to. I didn't want to change the "yellowing" with the original paint so I opted not to do anything at this point. The crack isn't growing and it can be strengthened with a wood screw and some carefully-placed glue.
    I do keep a nice cushion under the rear curve when it in it's case just to be sure.

    It is what it is and it's a GEM, worth a lot more than what I paid minus the aforementioned "crack" IMO. I was reimbursed a good percentage of what I paid, (thank you Chris), so I'll sell it for a decent price, But I'm NOT giving it away, as I'll just keep it and put it back in the closet for my grand-kids someday. Comes in original hard case and original Schaller "E" tuner.

    Remember, it's in almost "Minty Closet Classic" condition minus the aforementioned body issue. Comes just set-up with a New set of Lakland SS strings.

    Sell for $500 Cased and shipped Con US only

    Inquiries in a Conversation only please.

    IMG_3269.JPG IMG_3268.JPG IMG_3324.JPG IMG_3328.JPG IMG_3329.JPG IMG_3326.JPG IMG_3333.JPG IMG_3335.JPG
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    Sep 17, 2007
    Palm Coast, FL
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