SOLD Spector NS2A

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    Apr 21, 2011
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    Spector NS2A ser# NS8317
    Made 1988/89.
    Upgraded Brass Nut
    Upgraded EMGs with 25k Pots on the Korean Haz. Vol/Vol/Bass/Treble.
    Upgraded "Real IE2B Spector knobs"
    It growls like a Spector should.
    Original Spector Bridge &
    Schaller Made in W. Germany Tuners.
    Bridge & Tuners have minimal pitting.
    Frets are in Mint condition.
    Really nice figuring on the Rosewood Fretboard.
    Neck is Thin Front to back.
    Action can be set low.
    Neck is straight, plays great.

    Trussrod works & allen wrenches for bridge & Trussrod included in Gigbag.
    Decal Inlays. (Can be easily removed.)

    Has the typical finish scratches that will be on any Black Bass
    that is 32 years old.

    Selling because I had 2 Cervical Spine Surgeries last year.
    I can't play anything above
    7lb range.
    This bass weighs 8lbs9ozs

    I'm down to a pair of Spector Eurobolts & a lightweight Ash 2016 NS2.
    I've owned over 60 Spectors over the years. This bass has that MOJO.

    Will ship with a like new Spector Gig Bag. Well packed in a Spector box.

    $1050 Shipped Con USA PayPal
    May need to add $25 if you are on the West Coast.
    20211012_091058.jpg 20211012_091230.jpg 20211012_020730.jpg 20211012_021647.jpg 20211012_020558.jpg 20211012_020622_capture.jpg 20211012_021008.jpg 20211012_011108.jpg 20211012_010149.jpg 20211012_020717.jpg 20211012_082503.jpg
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    Apr 9, 2012
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    Sam is a great seller! I’ve bought two basses from him in the past. Great price, this should go very quick with the prices recently going higher. GLWTS!

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    totally agree with Eddie. This is such a screaming deal! For a slice of Spector history that will knock your socks off. GLWTS
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    Apr 21, 2011
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