SOLD Spector NS2J #074

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by LimaGuy, Jul 21, 2018.

  1. LimaGuy

    LimaGuy The Godfather Supporting Member

    Apr 21, 2011
    New York
    Spector NS2J Bolt On
    USA made #074 6/21/99. This was a 1999 Summer NAMM bass.

    This bass has the
    fully curved NS body.

    Swamp Ash body
    Has an insane natural growl.
    Dual J EMG pickuos
    Stock EMG BTS circuit.
    Gotoh Tuners
    Pau Ferro board
    3 piece Maple neck.
    No fretware
    Hipshot Type B bridge
    String spacing is .822"
    Slightly wider than a neck thru
    Action can get very low.
    It's a slappers dream bass.

    Weighs only 6lbs 13ozs
    Balances fine.
    Trussrod works perfectly
    Oil & Wax finish
    Minimal body wear that is normal with this type of finish. So minimal, you have to search for them & I can't get them to show in photos.
    No wear spots.

    Sound clip below is a comparison of this NS2J #074 BTS circuit vs. My Ash NS2 with a HAZ circuit.

    NS2J_74 vs NS2_983.wav

    Will ship in a original Spector HSC.
    An great price for a USA Spector bass

    $1,299 Shipped Con-USA
    No trades, I need the funds for the new bass that is ready.
    Photo Collage_20180719_093326284.jpg
    Dark spot on back of neck is the wood grain.
    Photo Collage_20180719_093005310.jpg
    Photo Collage_20180719_093210372.jpg
    Photo Collage_20180719_093252385.jpg
    Photo Collage_20180719_093412004.jpg
    Photo Collage_20180719_093502487.jpg
    Photo Collage_20180719_093929744.jpg
    Photo Collage_20180719_093749493.jpg
    Photo Collage_20180719_093138425.jpg
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  2. Frampton

    Frampton Supporting Member

    Oct 9, 2010
    These sound and play great - and weigh nothing.
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  3. Best deal in TB classifieds right now. Love this bass.
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  4. I have #73 and I had #63(stolen) . Awesome basses. My go to bass
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