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    Spector NS4CRFM made in 2000

    Black Cherry Burst

    This model is the Czech Made predecessor to the Czech Made Euro series.
    Solid Trans Flamed Maple body wings
    MOP Crown Inlays from factory.
    Solid brass Spector locking bridge
    Schaller Tuners
    EMG pickups
    Original factory installed EMG BTS Preamp.

    Bass is in really nice condition for a 19 year old bass. Some normal surface scratches.
    A professionally repaired ding on the side of the 12 fret, which you can not feel at all.
    Neck is not thick.
    Very comfortable.
    Frets are in excellent condition.
    Only selling it because of financial reasons.
    Weight is 9lbs

    Will Ship in Generic Gig Bag
    or Spector HSC

    1,200 Shipped Con USA
    Photo Collage_20190527_135836841.jpg Photo Collage_20190527_140341622.jpg Photo Collage_20190527_135930401.jpg Photo Collage_20190527_140052500.jpg
    Photo Collage_20190527_140010298.jpg
    Photo Collage_20190527_140254419.jpg
    Photo Collage_20190527_143421331.jpg
    Photo Collage_20190527_144149701.jpg
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