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    I had an Ibanez SR 500 long ago and the pre amp inside was etched with the word spector. I didn't even really know who or what a "spector" was at the time ( I thought it was like a amp name like "Roadrunner,Redhead, Bassman).

    Well I liked the sound but got really tired of having a bass with a thinner neck then my guitar so I sold it and bought a Tobias from Music yo.

    The Toby feels good but the sound was REALLY weak so I replaed the preamp with an OBP1. The original Toby preamp is simply labeled E2-003B.

    I just recently purchased an old Kramer with Spector pickups and bridge (forum III I think). And when I pulled out that preamp. Its the almost identical to the one in my old ibanez AND the one from the TOBY. The only difference is the one from the Kramer has 2 volume controls ( one for each pick up) and the one from the Toby has a pan control.

    So the question is.... Did Spector design this pre-amp that seems to show up in alot of mid market basses?... Or did he just have a few branded?

    With all the spector fans around I figure someone might know the answer.
  2. It is likely designed by EMG and is likely based on their BTS preamp. Also, you may want to replace the "Spector" pickups with the EMG p/j pickups that are standard for the more expensive Spector NS-2 basses.
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    When Kramer owned Spector they MIGHT OF sold their pre-amp's to Ibanez. Also when Kramer went out of business, they might of sold a lot of pre-amps to Ibanez (any other compamy for that matter) get to get rid of them.

    Tobais is owned by Gibson. Gibson now owns Kramer. Who knows, maybe when they bought Kramer they found a nice lot of pre-amps & used them in Tobias basses.

    P.S. This is all speculation. (no pun intended:))