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SOLD Spector ReBop 4DLX-EX Zebra Top with US HAZ Pre and EMG 35DC Pickups - FSO

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by David Henry, Apr 29, 2017.

  1. David Henry

    David Henry

    Mar 24, 2000
    Salem, Oregon
    For Sale Only. Spector ReBop4DLX-EX Zebra Top Bass. Upgraded with active EMG 35DC pickups, Spector US 18V HAZ Preamp and a brass nut. $800 plus shipping.

    Very good condition except for some cosmetic issues. Payment by USA PayPal and ships to CONUS. No returns. Will be shipped by UPS insured, signature required and well packed in a bass specific shipping box.

    I really hate to sell this, but I have no other choices now. Due to health and financial problems, I am selling most of my music gear.

    Bass weighs 8 lbs. 10.6 oz. Serial number is NB7973. Truss rod, bridge, tuners, electronics in fully functional condition. No noisy pots. My camera was used in auto mode with and without a flash. This changes the color of the bass a bit in the pictures.

    The HAZ preamp controls knobs are master volume, blend and stacked bass/treble. The knob closest to the butt end is a dummy control. The neck is currently setup with .010 relief at the 9th fret and string heights of 5.5/64” E and 4.5/64” G string and plays great. If I lower the string height from this setting and play with more than a very light touch there is some fret buzz.

    There are some cosmetic issues which do not affect the function of the bass. I have included pictures. On the back of the body from the control cavity towards the butt end there are 2 fine cracks in the wood which stop at the top/back body glue joint. The cracks have been glued with wicking super glue which has left a little residue on the clear coat. There is no danger of the crack spreading and it is a solid repair. On the front of body there are some very fine scratches, rub marks and a tiny dent on the butt end. Back of body has some very fine scratches, rub marks and 3 noticeable dings which cracked the clear coat. Headstock tip has some rub marks and face has some very fine scratches. Fretboard face has 2 small dings and some very fine scratches. The back of the neck has some dings that could be sanded out. The bridge has some scratches. The neck at one end of the nut has some very minor finish scratches. The tuners have 2 scratches.

    Info from Spector:

    • 3-Piece Maple Graphite Reinforced Neck

    • Neck joint: our original deep inset design, since 1982

    • Rosewood Fretboard

    • World famous original curved body design, since 1977

    • Alder Body

    • Zebra Wood Top

    • Body finish clear gloss

    • Black hardware

    • Spector Crown Mother of Pearl Inlays

    • 24 Frets

    • 34" Scale Length

    • 16" Radius

    • 1.64" Width at Nut

    • 0.75" String Spacing

    • Spector Aluminum Locking Bridge

    • Dunlop dual function Straploks

    • 5mm Truss Hex Key Size

    • 2mm Bridge Hex Key Size

    • EMG 35DC Bridge Pickup

    • EMG 35DC Neck Pickup



    1.JPG 2.JPG 3.JPG 4.JPG 5.JPG 6.JPG 7.JPG 8.JPG 9.JPG 10.JPG 11.JPG 12.JPG 13.JPG 14.JPG 15.JPG 16.JPG 17.JPG 18.JPG 19.JPG 20.JPG
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  2. David Henry

    David Henry

    Mar 24, 2000
    Salem, Oregon
  3. e.rich

    e.rich undersecretary of enablement Supporting Member

    Mar 16, 2011
    W. Newbury, MA
    Stoked for NSD! :bassist:
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