Spector Rex-2000/5

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  1. I'm having a dose of GAS and am considering getting one of these puppies in the Holoflash finish - what does everyone else think of these? I'm particularly interested in owners 'living with' experiences as I like the shape, love the finish and already have a liking of Spector basses (see profile)

    By the way, are these made in Korea? And, is the finish also applied in Korea? I ask 'cos the finish doesn't appear on the European basses as an option but appears everywhere else!

    All info appreciated greatly!!
  2. Following a phone call from the bass man at Sound Control, it turns out that I will soon be the proud owner of a Spector Rex-2000/5. Rotosound (the distributor in the UK for Spector) received a shipment of some 300 odd basses including one of the above. I expect to have it a week on Saturday - I'll let you lot know a bit about it then!!!
  3. seamus

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    Feb 8, 2001
    Congrats :)

    I don't know the answer to the question of where it's made, but I'm sure one of the resident Spector experts will respond.
  4. Nino Valenti

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    Feb 2, 2001
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    I had a 4 string in trans-blue & I really didn't like it. The body shape is really weird. It sounded great (yes, w/the EMG-HZ's:p) & the neck was really, really nice. But it was very uncomfortable to play.
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  5. I'm gonna own one of these things someday, but with the normal Spector body. I played a 4 string in black, and i couldnt wrap my arm round the damn thing, it just hurt to do it. YMFO.