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Discussion in 'Luthier's Corner' started by Johnny BoomBoom, Mar 25, 2002.

  1. I'm a fan of Spector basses and have a couple of questions for Stuart Spector!

    I already have a Czech 5 string and a REX2000/5 in Holoflash! IS there any plan to make the Holoflash colour an option on the European built Spector basses????

    Also, I'm thinking about venturing into the world of fretless bass, is there any plans to make a fretless European option??

    Thanks for your time!!!
  2. Oh well - not letting the cat out of the bag!:D
  3. Stuart Spector

    Stuart Spector

    Apr 16, 2002
    Hello Johnny,
    yes we are offering the holoflash finish on both the European neck thru the body models, ( its a special order there, no upcharge,) and as one of the standard finish on our new Rebop series bolt on neck basses. Fretless is available on the Europe series basses.
  4. Fretless available in the Europe series, great news!!! I know what my first fretless is going to be!:D

    I have two NS-5CRFMs and an NS-4CRFM and really love those basses!

    BTW, the new green stain (for the Europe series) is the nicest finish yet!!!!
  5. Excellent!! Thanks for the reply Stuart. I've got one NS-5CR and a REX2000/5 at the moment(the REX is in Holoflash and I just love that finish!!!)

    And fretless, I've been thinking of going 'there' for a while, oh boy oh boy oh boy......... :)
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