SOLD Spector SSD Euro NS4-CR with Haz Preamp - Gold or Black hardware

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    Sep 10, 2009
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    New Jersey
    Back Up for sale... This is an excellent example of a Spector bass. This has been my #1 since I bought it, but a recent GAS purchase is causing me to list.

    This is an NS4CR from the SSD era of Spector in Amber gloss finish. All maple, same body shape as the NS-2, and of course, the 9V Czech Haz preamp. This bass absolutely RIPS!! Plays smooth and sounds fantastic. As close as you're going to get to a USA Spector without the hefty price tag. These basses certainly don't pop up often, and after playing it for a while, I understand why!

    Here's a soundclip recorded directly into Garageband with the preamp set flat:

    The neck is 1.64" at the nut, but is relatively thin front to back. This is by far the most comfortable standard Spector neck I've played, hands down. The bass is in good shape with a few minor dings on the headstock and scratches here and there. Also, the headstock plastic is peeling back a bit, but that's an easy fix. New Gold Euro bridge with intonation screws. Weighs about 9.6lbs on my luggage scale. 9.2lbs with black hardware.

    The only reason I'm looking to let this go is because my hand seems to prefer a 1.5" nut and I recently picked up a Wimbish Euro.

    Price is negotiable, but within reason. I'm not thrilled about letting this go, so I'd rather not give it away. Comes with an aftermarket hardcase. I have both the black and gold hardware available, you can choose which you'd like.

    Possible Trade Interests: Fender Jazz basses.

    Any questions, feel free to ask! Shipping CONUS only.


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    That headstock delimitation is an easy fix. I love these older SSD CR era Spector's. Built like a tank...!!
  3. Dang that sounds good. Queensryche tone right out of the gate.
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    pm sent
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    Price Drop
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