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Discussion in '[OLD FORUM] Bass Guitars, Amps, and Accessories: F' started by Ad Nauseam, Jul 21, 2002.

  1. Alrighty kids! I am selling my baby in order to get a Zon 8 stringer. Here are the stats:

    1994 Stuart Spector Design NS-4p
    Quilted maple body, satin oil finish
    two EMG DC35 pickups
    piezo bridge
    18 volt HAZLAB active electronics: volume, pickup pan, magnetic/piezo pan, bass/treble magnetic, bass/treble piezo.
    gold hardware
    Made in the US of A

    This bass is used but not abused. There is some wear on the body were my playin' hand has a-rested. There is a small nick in the headstock and slight scuffing on the back but not too noticable. I just added a ton of pictures. Listen to Brett! This is a killer bass! It has been a faithful instrument of mine, but I NEED a Zon Sonus 8.

    List price for this bass new is $4,700. I am asking $2,200 OBO. Buyer will pay actual shipping cost.
    (UPDATE! $2000 and free shiping to lower 48 states for my fellow Talkbassers!)
    Listen to the tone of this bass by downloading one of my songs:
    http://www.thebedraggled.com/sounds/mpeg/06 - burnout.mp3
    It's capable of that and much more!

    PM me or post here if interested!!!

  2. It plays great people, and the woodwork is gorgeous. This is definetly worth the $$$.
  3. Here's the front!
  4. The back!
  5. Close up of front:
  6. The back of the body:
  7. The Headstock:
  8. back of headstock:
  9. In it's bed:
  10. Another shot of a sleeping bass:
  11. bassplayajew


    Mar 14, 2002
    Bethesda, MD
    If no ones offering... I'll take it for 1800, NO MORE.
  12. I'll have to think about that one but it seems pretty low. I've seen plenty of USA NS-2's going for $1800-$1900 used, and they are a lower-priced model.

    I've had plenty of lookers but no offers yet, however, this has only been up for a couple weeks. I even had one guy who wanted to trade his MVP Pedulla Pentabuzz for it, but I'm set on getting a Zon 8 string.

  13. Bassplayajew,
    I'll take you up on the offer that you PMed to me. Please read your PM and get back to me as soon as you can.
  14. So what's up with this Zon you're getting Ad? Are the strings set as octaves or are they seperates? Is it going to be a custom?
  15. It's going to be very custom! It is an 8 string by the means of octave strings. It is going to be one of the most unique Zons ever built, and it's going to run me some cash (hey, i wouldn't be selling the Spector if that wasn't the case).
    Bassplayajew still hasn't gotten back to me... is it customary to make an offer and then stop communicating?!? :confused:

    I am still open to offers, anyone else have any?

  16. :eek: How rude.
  17. I think there is actually a BIG delay in the PM system right now. Gard just got a PM from me that I sent to him a week ago! Hopefully it starts working again and I can complete the transaction with bassplayajew!

    The woods I am considering for the Zon... well, Joe Zon has secured the top secret top for me, which I'll reveal once things are underway. It's either going to be an ash body or a mahogany one. I'll cross that bridge once I have the cash. It won't be ready for about 4 months or so after I place the order, and we plan to have another get together in a couple months... so it won't be present yet.
  18. pd_5string

    pd_5string Admin: Accnt Disabled

    Jan 23, 2002
    Dood, I wouldn't sell that bass...looks REALLY nice...besides, how often are you going to play an 8 string bass?? Hopefully you have either a 4 or 5 as one that you play all the time left over...I wouldn't give this one up if I were you...it looks like one of those that you will regret selling a few months later, but this is just my .02.
  19. It is a nice, nice bass but I barely play fretted at all anymore. I have about 8 basses right now and the ones that I favor are my fretless 4 string Zon and my fretted 5 string Zon.
    The Spector sounds and plays wonderfully, and I may own one again some day. However, I have GAS for a Zon 8 fretless and have already made up my mind to sell the Spec.
    I just have to accept the fact that I am a "Zonbie" and must have another Zon to rid myself of the overpowering lust for one. I would probably use the 8 string quite a bit, actually.

    I'm still looking for reasonable offers since I have had a few potential buyers back out on me. If anyone is serious about it, please PM me an offer and we may be able to work out a real deal on this bass.
    I'm asking $2000 but SERIOUS offers are very welcome.

    UPDATE!!! I'm lowering my asking price to $1899 Or best offer!!! I'm not going to say "just how low I will go" but I'm practically giving this bass away so that I can get started on my Zon. I've had a few people back out after some negotiations, so obviously I'm interested in serious offers only. Look at this bass! You know you want it! How bad do you want it? Let me know. PM me!!!

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