For Sale Spector USA Forte 4 w/EMG DC35X Pickups

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    Jun 25, 2009
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    United States
    - Trans Black matte poly finish
    - Swamp Ash wings
    - 3 piece Maple neck w/Graphite rods
    - Neck-through construction
    - Fau Perro fingerboard
    - EMG DC35X humbuckers
    - Aguilar OBP-2 preamp
    - Brass nut, aluminum bridge.
    - Weight: around 8lbs.

    Condition: Got this a few months ago as a GC blemish/customer return, and aside from a scuff between the pickups (shown below), it's in mint condition (not a scratch or mark anywhere else).

    Includes original Spector hardshell case w/accessories.

    These are $3899 new. Price drop, now asking $2475 shipped Continental U.S. Paypal only.


    Fantastic US Spector shop made bass, lightweight, great playing; EMG-X humbuckers sound big and punchy (as they should!) and have excellent clarity. Only selling because I bought another Forte recently in a P/J configuration (this was incorrectly labeled a P/J on GC's site and that was what I expected - still, I have strongly debated keeping this one, which is why I didn't return it - it sounds so good!).

    Last photo is under a bit of sunshine so you can get a better idea of the Ash grain not too visible in other photos (I'm a lousy photographer).

    Forte Front.jpg

    Forte Front Angle.jpg

    Forte Blemish.jpg

    Forte HS Front.jpg

    Forte HS Back.jpg
    Forte Back.jpg

    Forte Front Sunshine.jpg
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