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Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by MrFortuneCookie, Jan 8, 2001.

  1. What do you guys think of the US Spectors, both the NS ones and the Bolt-on ones? Do you think it's worth the extra money for an NS instead of a Bolt-on?
  2. RAM


    May 10, 2000
    Chicago, IL
    I'm the proud owner of one US Spector NS-4 with a red gloss finish.:D:D:D

    I personally like the well-defined midrange growl and versatility that I get from shifting the pickup or tone controls, even just a touch. Bass Player magazine did a review of the 5-string version a few years ago that was fantastic! Pick the bass up and you'll see why I'd have to agree! This bass has a very focused, warm sound, one that has lots of character...

    In addition to the great sound, however, is that it's extremely well made. You hear about Sadowsky basses as being among the best made instruments around...I think the US Spector deserves AS MUCH credit as Sadowsky does;). Plus, these things are contoured to fit my belly (which is a little too big for my tastes, but that's another thing;))

    Bottom line...it pretty much plays itself. I highly recommend them!:D

    On the other hand is the bolt-on...I know very little about them, except to say that I'd like to try one out, too!
  3. how well made are the not U.S. made models? i.e. the NS2000/4
  4. I have a U.S. made NS-4 and two European made NS5CR Spectors. Personally, if you got the money to burn then get the U.S. made neck throughs. Their figured maple is AAAA grade, fret boards are Pao Ferro and abalone crown inlays, EMG active pickups and tone control, brass bridge and Gotoh tuners. However, If your looking at the U.S. bolt-ons then you should really consider the neck through Czech (Europe) made Spectors (AA grade figured maple, rosewood fret boards, mother of pearl crown inlays, EMG active pickups and tone contols, brass bridge and Schaller tuners). I can honestly say that they really hang with the sound of the U.S. neck through Spector tone wise and the quality is superb. I think they sound better than the U.S. bolt-ons for sure. Also, believe it or not, the B string on my Czech Spectors are tighter sounding than my buddies U.S. 5 string neck through. Both are 34" scale. That won't always be the case but it is in this one. The list price for U.S. neck throughs start at $3700 (w/ oiled finish) and laquered finish is additional $500. The Czech Spectors start out
    with a $1795 list (oiled or laquered). BTW, all new 5 strings are now 35" scale. I don't recommend the Korean made NS-2000 if you're looking for the look and sound of the U.S. Spectors because the body shape is different and the pickups (passive "HZ" EMG's), pre-amp ("designed by EMG") and hardware (die-cast bridge) are not of the same
  5. Yeah, i know that the Korean ones are terrible. But you think that i should go with the Czech one instead of the US Bolt-on. I can see where you're coming from because even though the Soapbar is of lower quality than the US ones, the Bolt-on only gets one Soapbar and a Jazz pickup while the Czech gets two soapbars. So you think i should go with that one instead, that is, if i don't get the US neck-through? Also, do you think it's worth the extra money for the US neck-through?
  6. The best advice I can give is to compare the U.S. and Czech neck throughs (even the U.S. bot-ons) yourself, if possible. Another knock against the bolt-on models may be resale value because most Spector enthusiasts prefer neck throughs.
    As for my experience of comparison, The U.S. bolt-ons were more on the tame sounding side because of the swamp ash body. Even with the maple top, there seemed to be less presence than the neck throughs (both U.S. and Czech) because their entire bodies are figured maple. The one positive for the bolt-ons (for some, not me personally) are that they are lighter in weight.
    As far a comparing the U.S. versus the Czech neck throughs, here are the only advantages I found on the U.S. models:

    AAAA figured maple body (looks nicer)

    Pao ferro fret board (rosewood on Czechs)

    optional 18 volt preamp (9 volt standard, option not available on Czech models)

    optional piezo pickup (not available on Czechs)

    The action can be lowered a tad more before getting fret buz on the U.S.

  7. Well the bolt-on can be made with Figured Maple. Does that change anything to ya?
  9. No, you can actually have one that is fully figured maple. No swamp ash at all. So with that in mind, what do you think?
  10. That must be a new option. I'm sure that helps quite a bit. but obviously haven't tried it out. I personally woulsn't spend more money on a bolt-on when you can have a very comparable neck through but that's me personally. I find that neck throughs have more sustain (if that's a factor you consider). They are definitely quality made though, no question there. As I said, the best thing to do is to compare yourself. Just don't make the mistake of assuming the quality of the Czechs are second rate because they are not U.S. made. That couldn't be farther from the truth. So, keep an open mind of them all
  11. oh, i know they sound good. one thing, what do you think of the pickup set up on the bolt-on?
  12. I'm guessing that you're referring to the 5 string set up (EMG J and DC40 humbucker). The set up is basically to get more of the "J" sound with the ability to add more low mids and top end with the DC 40. It's versitile enough.
  13. it is a CS so you know, on the Czech it's a DC but anyways, do you prefer two DCs like on the Czech or the J and the CS?
  14. You're right, it's the same as the DC40 except it's a creamic/steel combo. That takes allegedly cuts some brightness off and adds in some "warmth".

    As far as my preference goes, I like the DC's but I haven't A/B'd the different configuration on the same bass. Being that the wood tones were much different between the Bolts I've tried that the Czechs, there is no way to compare the pickups alone.

    [Edited by Mr. Dead on 01-09-2001 at 07:09 PM]
  15. alexands


    Apr 12, 2000
    An interesting point above about the body shapes are different. I own an NS-94 neck-through and really like the contoured body. Do the Korean bolt ons (NS2000/Q4 & Q5) have a contoured body? I've never actually seen one in person and I can't tell from pictures.

  16. The NS2000 is the updated version of the NS94/95 and they are the most affordable current Spector line that has the carved body. With that being said, the Q line have flat backs. Also, the NS94/95's and the NS2000 line of Spectors bodies are shaped a bit different from the original NS Spector line.

    [Edited by Mr. Dead on 01-11-2001 at 03:29 PM]
  17. bassguy187


    Jun 27, 2000
    Nazo, PA
    Spectors are great basses,
    the ns series especially,.
    they have great tone,
  18. Also of note re the "Q" series of NS2000 basses is that they all have bolt-on necks and the "quilted maple" look is actually just a ultra thin veneer or possibly even a decal applied over a flat basswood body.

    I wouldn't say that the Korean made NS2000 series are "terrible" as Mr.fortunecookie says above(have you even played one?) but more accurately, probably one of the best Korean made basses made. It is not intended to go head to head with the upper range Spector models in any sort of shootout or comparision, but instead fill the highly competitive mid-price range for production basses.

    Granted the original neck-thru NS2000 with it's carved/curved body is nicer when compared to the more economical "Q" series. But that is what Stuart intended it to be.

    Based on the elite status of the US and Czech Spectors and the level of quality that has been maintained over their entire history, I find it hard to believe that Stuart Spector would knowingly sell a line of his "basses built for a lifetime" that were "terrible" or that the bass buying public thought were sh*tty.

    Now that being said, please continue the elitist US vs. Czech made Spector wars, but please leave the humble stepchild of Spector basses, the NS2000, out of the battle.

    Now I feel better :D
  19. thanks RIZ i needed that, i played a ns2000/4 and thought it felt pretty darn good. it had great setup and everything.
  20. The only Spector line that I question the quality and integrity of are the "Performance" (Chinese made) NS2000B basses. They are seeminly to be made out of particle board.

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