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Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Insighted02, Oct 10, 2002.

  1. Hey all of you........

    I'm looking at the spector rebop (five string) for my next purchase in my collection of basses. i though I would submit this is get the opinion of my fellow bassists brethen.........

    The price range I'm looking at is a little over a grand.......(1,100-1,300) nothing more than that, period.

    I prefer Five string over Four and tend to stay in the genre of Metal and/or rock with Jazzy type genres a close second.

    Point this wallet in a good direction please......:)

    (I really like the spectors!)

  2. seamus


    Feb 8, 2001
    I'll admit I haven't played the Rebop, but in that price range, you might want to try scoring a Czech neck-through. I haven't followed the going rates on them lately, but I would think that should be about the price range for a used one in mint condition. Slightly more for a new one, but not entirely out of the ball park given your target price range.

    Awesome sound for metal or rock, but I would say probably not the first choice for a jazz format. Even still, they're really solid, great sounding basses. Mine isn't even as nice as the new ones with the upgraded cosmetics and preamp, but the sound on it just kills in a rock situation.

    Best of luck!
  3. smrooms


    Apr 25, 2002
    Park City, UT
    Yo, Spectors are really sweet basses. You can look at Spectorbass.com or something like that and check out what they got. I have a 5 string euro-solid body and I love it. It has great tones and it's well constucted with great hardware too. Great bass for all types of music. I got mine for about your price range which was a screaming deal for this modle. My five string is a little heavy but i've gotten use to it. Good luck. smrooms
  4. bikeplate

    bikeplate Supporting Member

    Jun 7, 2001
    Upstate NY

    Go for the Czech Spector. They're great basses. You'll be able to get one for the $ you want to spend

  5. Email me direct if you get more interested in a Czech 5 string than the Rebop..
    I have a very near mint dark purple (if I remember correctly Spector calls the color plum..) NS5CRFM which I'm going to sell in the higher end of the price range you're looking for. HSC included.

    It is a great bass.. I just own too many, and the house finance committee says something has to go.

  6. Tim Cole

    Tim Cole Supporting Member

    Jun 12, 2002
    Findlay, Ohio
    Hello, I'd also like to recomend the czechtor 5er. I just got mine fedex on wednesday, I bought it used in near mint, with OHSC off a fella for $800 shipped. Its one of the solid color basses with dot inlays, emg PU's, and preamp. I have read that there were some euro companies blowing these out when they went from the CR to the CRFM for $500, but I have also heard complaints of non-schaller tuners, and less that original PU's (stay away from the EMG-HZ models, this is one of them). I love the bass, but am wondering......did I get a decent deal? I can survive without the flame top, but I really wish I had the trademark clamshell inlays. If you get the right CR, you can get a heck of a deal, and it is the exact same as the crfm's, with a different finish/inlays. Also, the latest models have switched over to aggy pre's also. Did I get a good deal or not spector fellas?
  7. I have 3 Spector basses - the last of which I picked p from a company in Germany for $500!!!! It hass SSD on the headstock - so was new old stock. The hardware was all Schaller. The pups are unbranded and ain't that good ,as is the pre-amp!

    As to the EMG Hz pups - my REX2000/5 has them and it rocks big time!!!!

    Now onto your $800 deal - I think you got a great deal (I have an NS5CR in bluestain - dot inlays etc! 2 years ago it cost £1300 (about $1800US) without a hardcase!)

    Now to the thread starter - you have a good budget to work with. But what you need to sort out is whether you want the sounds of a bolt on or a neck thru. Either way if you get a Spector, you've got a breat bass!

    Happy Hunting!

  8. Johnny..........can you tell me the major differance between the bolt on and the neck thru?

    I've owned bolt ons all my life and trying out neck thru has proved to be a huge difference. Although the ones I've tried are far and in between.

    Thanks for you comment.............
  9. I own a spector, they are easy playing nice sounding basses, especially if you dont want to spend tons of money.

    A good buy, my czech 6 cost me about $600
  10. Well, I've got 2 bolt ons (Fender P and J basses), a set neck (Guild B-301) and 3 Neck Thru (all Spector, 2 Czech and 1 Korean)

    In my own words I find the bolt ons to be brighter sounding, sharper in their attack almost. I also find the ones I own (and others I've tried) to have less sustain than the set or neck thru.

    The neck thru basses have a fatter, almost slower swell to the attack! The have generally more sustain. Nowadays, I find that I prefer the sound and feel of the neck thrus!

    Hope this helps!:)

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