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    I've been playing 5 strings since '88. I traded an amp for a Steinberger Spirit 5 string years ago. I disliked the stock pickups...too dark, weak and didn't pick up the B or G string well. I routed it for soapbars, and not wanting to sink much into this "project bass" I tried a few inexpensive pickups, but ended up using Mighty Mites from my Pro-tone Squier, with the higher output pickup in the treble position.

    I didn't care for the passive tone. I've used active basses since the late 70's when I built a preamp for my 64 P bass.

    I built a couple to squeeze into this bass, but wasn't happy. I tried a couple three band EQ's, including one with a sweepable mid, but just wasn't happy.

    I replaced the three band with sweepable mids in my MM Stingray knockoff I built with a two band Stingray preamp I built and really love it. While not as versatile as the three band, what it does is just great.

    So I thought, why not a Stingray preamp in the Spirit? I was even prepared to route for a MM pickup and fill in the soapbar routes.

    I put the preamp in yesterday. It works with the MMite soapbars and 500k blend pot well. I think it's what I have been looking for.

    The Stingray 2 band is an interesting preamp. The treble is sort of boost and cut, but boost in a pretty passive way, with the boost just being a cap in parallel with a large input series resistor. Rather shallow, but effective. The cut with the treble is feedback type using a small cap from output to the inverting input. The bass is an active boost.

    It's sort of a preamp voiced for passive bass lovers. It adds what an otherwise sort of thin, wide aperture pickup lacks, and a little more versatility than a passive treble cut. I can see why it's so loved. Add that it's pretty quiet and with the original op amp, sucks next to no current from the battery.

    I have practice tomorrow night. We'll see how this bass works. With the old preamp I had too much high end noise for our church setting in the PA.
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    Mar 8, 2012
    How did it go at practice? I'm looking to add a preamp to my spirit 5-string to add some bottom, extra output and maybe a little grit to the stock pickups. The stock pups are very clear but lack punch. -CC
  3. I wasn't happy with the sound of mine stock. I bought it as a cheap, convenient backup fro days when I didn't feel like bringing my "real" bass to a practice. I'm sure it doesn't help that I tune down a step, but the low string sounded terrible. Could have lived with the mid-strong "honk" in a 4 string. Swapping the electronics for a 2 band EMG active EQ helped somewhat. I couldn't fit much else in the control cavity. Without a dedicated mid control to curb the honk, I still wasn't happy, but didn't have any pickups that fit and couldn't justify buying any. Part of the problem could be strings, but there aren't many choices for double-balls. Can't justify buying an adapter for 1/2 of what I paid for the bass.

    What saved the Spirit was my finally realizing I was never going to be able to revive the poor, sad corpse of an 80's Explorer I had in the closet. The pickups fit well enough and now it finally sounds decent, without the need for active electronics.