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  1. my dad recently got me into a band from the late sixties called spirit and they are just awesome. ive asked alot of people if they have even heard of this band and none have answered with a yes and i got to figure that there are people on here that were around when they were popular so are there any spirit fans out there. or have any of you even heard of their song called dark eyed woman?
  2. Big time fan. "I Got a Line on You," "Mr. Skin," "Nature's Way," "Animal Zoo," etc still play on my stereo from time to time. I like those even better than "Dark Eyed Woman," (sounds pretty primitive now).

    Have you heard their album "12 Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus"???? (I think that's the name. I'm not near my stereo). Amaaaazing recording techniques for that time.
  3. Wow, how weird. I heard "I Got A Line On You" out of the blue today...(it is such a cool song, btw) then I come here and see this post...IT MUST BE A SIGN!
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    I can remember hearing this album as a teenager in the 70 s and being amazed by it, but have never seen anything by them in the UK since! Were they just a one-man-band with everything played by Randy California or am I thinking of something else?

    Also - shouldn't this be in "Recordings" rather than Bassists - I'm not sure they even had a permanent bassist?
  5. They were a full band. Mark Andes was the bassist, Randy played guitar, Jay Ferguson was the vocalist, I forget the drummer.

    "12 Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus" belongs with the rest of breakthrough albums, IMO,...Rubber Soul, Satanic Majesties Request, Pet Sounds, etc. The first time I heard it was in a freshman dorm room at the University of Missouri. The son of the Lieutenant Governor for the state, who shared the room, gave us some acid and put on the album after the acid came on. The thing is, many of the album tracks are so incredible, like "Nothing to Hide and California's guitar on "When I Touch You," you don't need drugs to get off on the album.

    At the age of 15, California played guitar with Jimi Hendrix in New York City. His hammer-on runs pre-dated Van Halen and Holdsworth who made them so popular.

    Vastly underappreciated band. :rolleyes:
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    The original Spirit lineup was Randy California on guitar and vocals, Jay Ferguson on keys and vocals. John Locke on keys, Mark Andes on bass and Ed Cassidy on drums.

    This lineup lasted through four LPs: Spirit, The Family That Plays Together, Clear and The 12 Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus.

    The original band folded in 1970 and a quartet of Cassidy, Locke and brothers Al and John Stahaely (sp?) recorded an LP called Feedback in 1971. After a tour, this lineup folded.

    Cassidy and California started working as a power trio with various bassists (including Noel Redding at one point!) in the lineup. After one LP as "Captain Kopter and the Fabulous Twirlybirds" with Clit McTorius (Redding) on bass (man, what were they smoking???) they started using the name Spirit agaian in 1976. They continued on eventually releasing many more albums than the original band ever did until California's death in a swimming accident about two years ago. Despite the longevity of the trio, it was never as highly regarded as the original band. They often descended into Hendrixisms, but unlike most wannabes Randy actually was working with Jimi in NYC when Chas Chandler discovered him. Randy was only 16 at the time and his parents refused to let him go to the UK although Jimi had asked him to come along.

    The original lineup reunited in the studio twice, for "Farther Along" (1977?) and Spirit of 84 (1984, duh).

    Mark Andes went off to form JoJo Gunne with Ferguson; he left them to play with first Firefall and then Heart. Ferguson went solo in the late 70s and had a hit called Thunder Island. Ed Cassidy is still touring in a Spirit "tribute" band, the guy is like 80 years old :eek:

    Mark Andes was a killer bass player. He played mostly with a pick and was fond of pedal points. Favorites of mine are his fills on the end of "Silky Sam", his pedalling on "It Shall Be" and the fuzzed out line on "Mr. Skin". He played P-basses at the time. He kept his love of pedal points over the years, you can hear them on Firefall and Heart tunes he played on.

    A great Spirit CD to get is "Time Circle", a two CD set that includes all but one track from the first LP, all but two from Dr. Sardonicus, the rare single "1984" and bits and pieces from the other 2 orignal LPs as well as a few rarities.
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    A friend of mine had this album and I think it was this that made think about the one man band idea - we just assumed the stupid names were because Randy played all the instruments!

    It's also difficult to remember, as it's so long ago and all the people who were into this stuff then, were out of their heads on acid and dope. I was really just a kid, and felt a bit awkward about asking these stoned guys about the weird music they were playing and I don't think I would have got any sensible answers anyway!! ;)
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    12 Dreams is a great disk.
    My favorite song has got to be Morning will come or Prelude - Nothin' to Hide.
  9. after they broke up some of the memebers formed a group called jo jo gunne that didn't do to well but they were still pretty amazing