SOLD Spitfire P Bass Pickguard

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    Jul 31, 2013
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    Selling a gorgeous Spitfire Pickguard in a light/Med relic. I've owned a bunch of these and I'll prob own several more, I just happen to need money more than I need a guard now. This is definitely one of my favorites, truly a work of art
    This is a 10 hole guard with tug bar holes. 9 of the 10 holes match up with a fender American Pickguard the one under the tone knobs is the only one that doesn't. I've included pics with to show the difference. Please note there's a light above that reflected a bit off the guard. I've had these on American p basses with no issues. There's a little scuff on the guard under one of the knobs which is almost not noticeable with the knob on, it also matchs the relic look perfectly
    $140 shipped conus

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