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    Selling 2 spitfire pickguards, I'll be buying a new one shortly so letting these go to make room.

    The burg is sold only mint left

    Vintage Burgandy speckled and subtle 60s and in between light and medium relic! Mark does an amazing job on these guards! Had it most recently on my 72' p bass, looked great! Same shape as when I bought it other than holes for a tug bar my guitar tech put in after he refinished my 72'. He used a template so I would imagine they're accurate but I'm not sure if tugbars positions changed. I bought this new from Mark - SOLD

    Spitfire Mint pick guard for Fender Precision Bass. 10 hole. Previous owner had it on a 50's P Bass, I had it on my 72' for a few months, holes lined up just didn't have them all. This was made in Dec 2016. Light relic.
    $60 shipped CONUS

    Happy to package them as well or trade for Broughton pedals

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    Ohhhhh man am I sad I missed out on that tort!
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