SOLD Spitfire Relic P Guard

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  1. denton57

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    Nov 1, 2005
    Here is a beautiful relic Spitfire relic guard for sale. I decided to go with a mint on my aged white bass, and also I need a guitar speaker cab so I’m listing this. I always regret it when I sell a Spitfire because I end up having to order another one for my next project.

    This guard IIRC is a mix Subtle 60’s and Speckled 60’s. Pics show it well. It does have a crack by the input jack, but it’s still attached and isn’t an issue when mounted.

    These are high quality and pricey new. As close as you will get to a real 60’s guard.

    $250 shipped CONUS

    023E1A59-CB6D-45E5-8034-2A34096C13AE.jpeg 9A6CC827-B72D-4EC2-8EEB-1880C5FA0413.jpeg 82B14A2A-BD26-48BE-A745-983C3A8A9182.jpeg 5FE93106-53A8-4F34-ABBF-9D21CA5060BE.jpeg 5EC8C410-C2D6-460D-B2E4-1D4B2DCE7EA5.jpeg FD7EA143-9474-4CA4-BF2C-C586BDCDAAD5.jpeg 37159018-6AAE-47B3-A622-AD80AF8A5E9F.jpeg
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  2. Lowendtech

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    I like that. It looks like burning embers.
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  3. brentonkim


    Mar 10, 2009
    Austin, TX
    very tempting.
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