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  1. Since I am doing a good amount of studio work, I was recently using my P Bass to record a basic 8th rythm switching from the E string to the D string. It dawned on me how a well adjusted split-coil, (correctly angled), allows you to have a very even string to string output. It is a great advantage for studio work as it requires a lot less compression. The waveform on Cubase showed the output to be almost similar with the four strings. Unless you use a pickup shaped to follow the neck radius, most "flat" pickups won't be as even sounding. Even the ones with protuberant poles under the A and D don't deliver such an even sound .

    Just an observation for all the bass geeks out there.
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    The sound of a good Precision recorded through nice gear is matchless.
  3. I also use a few different basses from JazzBasses to Stingrays or modern 5 strings depending on the material but in terms of string to string balance nothings can beat the Precision.
    From an engineer standpoint, if you require little or no compression when mixing the bass, you preserve the envelop and attack of the note. Not to go into audio engineering details but it allows the bass to support the mix while being a little more "heard and noticeable". Compression, which is often necessary because of the uneven level of the notes, tends to make the bass blend and disappear within the mix. It maybe be what the producer seeks at times but not always. At the end of the day, the string to string balance of a PBass, added to its narrower frequency range and its signature low-mid grunt can really make the bass pop out from the mix (me like it!).
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