Split in sweet spot/scpb @ bridge?

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    I have just recently begun to experience the power and tone of the venerable scpb pickup in the sweet spot through playing a CV 50's P. This triggered the thought that it would also smoke pretty well at the bridge. I know of a couple of builders use a single-coil precision pickup for a bridge pickup (Landing, Stambaugh) but have never seen one paired with a split-P in the sweet spot. I was curious to know if anyone has experience with this configuration?
  2. Just as with a standard PJ setup, there will be output level differences and no humcancellation.
  3. You can get a stack or side-by-side setup (though it won't sound exactly like the single coil version since it's technically humbucking), and the output between the two will be different, but a SCPB is hotter than a J-pickup, so they will be a bit more balanced.
  4. not to hijack this thread in anyway but I wonder if someone could help me out here:

    I have a MIM jazz with splitcoil humcancelling jazz pickups and want to replace the neck with a Pbass pickup but when I did the bridge split coil and the neck Pbass split coil were out of phase on one half, Is there something I can do like use the neck jazz pickup instead of the bridge jazz pickup to make them in-phase with the Pbass? I swapped the wires between the pickup halves on the Pbass once and it stopped the phase issues but caused bad hum... anyone got any ideas?
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