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  1. Hi,

    I'm just doing some pointless planning at the moment. But, ideally, I would like my rig to be a clean tone into an Ampeg SVT-II Pro into an 8x10, and then another line into an effects line (2 distortions, delay, wah, whammy, flanger) into another SVT-II into a 4x10.

    My question - how do I split the line, will it really matter if the effects are bypass or not if i have a splitter line (as in one button, button on = 4x10 with effects on, button off = 8x10 by itself)? Also where can I get a splitter box?
  2. go w/ loop-master...brian price is much easier and friendly than dave boggs, plus he charges a fraction of what loooper does...my custom purple timmy c splitter cost me $77 including shipping...ur essentially looking for 2/3 of that (input, dry output, stomp switch to engage output 2), so urs will be even cheaper
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    Jul 19, 2003
    You can buy any ABY box.