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  1. What would be a solution that cruddy low end that comes out of the big muff? I've heard you can use a splitter but where do you get one?
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    I don't know what you mean about a splitter, unless you are saying to divide into a wet and dry signal to keep a little of the original low-end in the signal. My solution to the lack of lows from the Big Muff is to keep a seperate Boss EQ in the line right behind it, dedicated just for use with the Big Muff, with a low and low-mid boost.
  3. well i got a splitter for my tv's so its like best buy (you know the feeling while walking through the TV section with the TV's on the same channel)but only with 2 tv's :D i plan on adding more for that "buest buy look" if i can find some more TV's in the garbage down my block.
  4. I had a hard time finding something to make it easy to run a clean signal in parallel with an effect, too. So, I built a little mixer/loop box to do the job.


    There should be a commercial unit out there that does this. But, I don't know who makes it.

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