splitting baritone guitar into guitar and bass amps

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    Nov 16, 2005
    Vancouver, BC
    Hey bros and sisses,

    I'm new here. I've been playing bass for, oh, twelve years now I guess. started on double bass, then quit that and got into electric bass. I also play guitar (among other instruments), and recently assembled a fretless baritone guitar. being fretless it requires slackened strings to get sustain (at least on the high strings), and I'm still experimenting with different tunings but it'll probably settle somewhere around a low G (ie 3rd fret on a low E bass string) up to somewhere around a B for the highest string. So, it gets just about as low as a bass guitar and just about as high as a ?regular? guitar. So, thru a guitar amp the high strings sound great but the low strings sound like a bass guitar thru a guitar amp, and you all know what that sounds like, while thru a bass amp the lows sound huge and wonderful but the high strings sound pretty awful.

    SOOOOO, I'd like to use an ABY unit to split between a guitar and bass amp (used at the same time). Now, I figure some sort of crossover would be a good thing to send the lows to the bass amp and the highs to the guitar amp. This should make for one massive wall of sound.

    Has anybody done a split like this? What sort of crossover device should I be looking at?

    Altho I've been playing bass for a long time I only bought my first bass amp about a year ago and it's a little POC solid state, altho I'm going to check out an Ampeg SVT Classic tonight and so might upgrade to a REAL bass rig. So I don't know much (or anything really) about bass amps and rigs and crossovers and all that. So any help and guidance would be just swell!

    Thanks all, and I'll be sure to hang around here more often now that I'm actually getting serious about my bass playing.

    Andy the Mëtler
  2. hi there,

    i cant give you the answers youre looking for, but i play baritone bass (a burns barracuda) and ive found a tube guitar amp (a carvin legacy) connected to two 15'' and horn pa speakers gives me a fantastic guitar/bass combination. if youve built the instrument yourself, could you wire a bass pickup and a guitar pickup into it seperatley, and plug each one into a giutar and bass amp?
  3. You do realize this thread is 6 years old?