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    anyone know of a good signal splitter? i learned an old trick to beef up some bass lines and i need a CLEAN guitar amp to fatten up the frequency in some sections. I will most like be using a Marshall tube 10" combo behind my 8x10 or i might make an isolation box. This is only for CLEAN lines, i'm not intorested in any distortion. I also have a Fender Twin available. Do i need anything to reduce the power going to the Combo?? Any Splitter i should use? help, yo..... :D
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    ART and Morely both make ABY boxes that you could use. But if you really want to do it on the cheap, just get a Y cord from Radio Shack. It sounds the same...the only drawback is they're a little delicate.
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    Morley ABY always worked for me.

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