Splitting signal from pedal board to bass amp and guitar amp

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  1. Hi all,
    I'm keen to use a guitar amp and my bass amp. Is there a way I can do so where I split the high frequency to go to the guitar amp and keep the low going to my bass amp?
    I'm using a darkglass microtubes 900 for the bass and plan on using a Marshall mg101cfx guitar amp for the high frequencies.
    If I can do it via my current pedalboard that'd be great (zero $) but if I have to get something new so be it. I'm currently using a pog2, mel9, boss bass 2 chorus, tuner, ehx compressor, and an ehx bass mono synth.
    Any pointers will be greatly appreciated?
  2. This will do it. Sends regular signal to bass amp and second octave up signal to guitar amp. You can also switch between either or both.

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    I run mine almost clean.
    Programmed the user preset for just a tube pre clean sound on both channels.
  4. Wasnex


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    Looks like the Marshall MG101CFX is a combo amp with a single 12" so you are definitely going to want to run an HPF so you don't blow the 12".

    This question sounds like you want to biamp: "Is there a way I can do so where I split the high frequency to go to the guitar amp and keep the low going to my bass amp?"

    Biamping entails an active crossover. Crossovers are typically line level. The instrument input on an amp usually does not work well with a line level signal, but the MX101CFX has an Effects Loop. The owner's manual is not specific regarding what level the Effects Loop works, but often they work at line level.

    So I would suggest running the signal out of the Darkglass 900's Pre Amp Out into a Crossover. Take the Crossover's Low Out and run it back into the Darkglass 900's Power Amp In. upload_2021-2-15_23-47-53.png

    Then take the Crossovers's High Out and run it into the MG101CFX Return, which is on the back of the amp.


    I would probably start with the crossover set around 200hz to protect the 12" speaker in the guitar amp.

    I used to biamp an SVT and a blackface Fender Twin Reverb loaded with JBL E120s. I used an Orban 672A for the crossover and EQ. The lowest effective crossover frequency the 672A can be set to is 200hz and it worked great. The old Twin did not have an effect loop so I had to stuff a line level signal into the front end of the amp. It was noisy and I had trouble setting the level low enough to avoid undesirable clipping. Other than that, the rig sounded great.

    Good luck and have fun!
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  5. Do you know if it will work with the Pog2 pedal as well?
  6. I really appreciate your help but bare with me I'm totally new to attempting this and aren't saccy at all with technical stuff... OK so bass into bass amp. Bass amps pre amp out into crossover... What exactly is a crossover? Is that my Pog2 pedal in this case? Crossover back into bass amp power amp in. Crossovers high out into Marshall return and set at 200hz. How do I set Hz?

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    A crossover is a device that takes a full frequency signal in and outputs two (or more) signals separated into their specific frequency range. Here's an inexpensive example:
    SX21 Tiny Two-Way Crossover | Rolls Corporation - Real Sound
    A two-way crossover will direct low frequencies to one output and direct high frequencies to the other output. The controls allow you to determine at what frequency to make the division and also control how strong each signal will be.
    @Wasnex provided an excellent illustration how to hook it up.

    Unlike the nanoPog in @bombpop14 's response, your Pog 2 doesn't have separate outputs for low and high frequencies.
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  9. Wasnex


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    Not sure if you will find many mono units. I have an old one made my Ashley, but I don't think they have made them for a long time.

    You could use half of a DBX 223S: dbx 223s

    Ahhh! Rolls makes a mono unit: SX21 Tiny Two-Way Crossover | Rolls Corporation - Real Sound

    I am by no means endorsing these products, although I actually own an earlier version of the DBX223 and it sound fine. No idea on how well the SX21 sounds, but reviews suggest some bass players use it.
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  10. Thanks guys very much appreciated hl
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    Or just go with post 2. Using the POG cleans to the bass amp and octave up (higher frequencies) signal to the Marshall and call it a day.

    Edit: its unlikely that the combo's amp can deliver anything dangerous to the combo's speaker as long as the volume and EQ controls aren't set to extremes ie. I've seen plenty of guitarists use octave down pedals without blowing their equipment up.
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  12. Unfortunately for me I bought a Pog2 and gave my standard pog to my guitarist. The pog 2 only has one output
  13. beans-on-toast


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    A bass can be wired for stereo with the neck and bridge pickups having their own outputs. A stereo jack can be used. So each pickup has it’s own amp. Rickenbacker is one company that does this out of the box.

    Taking it a step further, eight and twelve string basses (strings are tuned in pairs or triplets, an octave above like a 12 string guitar) are sometimes wired this way as well.
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