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spongy loosing sound

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by chalie, May 1, 2005.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I have a trouble getting a good compact-punchy notes off my B string on some of my basses. Sometime the trouble is gone without identified what was the remedy or perhaps did not notice what I have done.
    I don't know why this trouble is spontaneous occour from time to time on diferent basses. Is it due to the extreamly hot and damp weather in Bangkok or my ears.
    I was working most of the time with different sets of strings to solve the problem but it does't always sttisfied me. :crying:

    So I am wondering the cause of this spongy notes off the "B" string, if this is the right word, is due to the improper pups set-up or other set-up on the bass.

    Please share your experiences how to solve this trouble with the set-up. Thanks
  2. One I having this trouble now is the 1985 Fodera Emperor Elite, w Barts JJ
  3. Do you hear the problem unplugged? Whenever I think of the word "spongy" I think amplifier.

  5. Yes it does a little. I get it out better with a biger string, 130, but the sound of big string is not as good as 125 or 128.

    I offten notice that when you string and re-string (loosen it all the way again) with the B string at the head machine on the same set of strings, you may get differnt sounding form those same notes. I think this why Fodera move the B's head machine to the far back or have them 2/3 so that the B is more away from the nut.

    If my thought is correct, I don't know how to improve the quality of the sound.

    Do you have the remedy :(
  6. Rodent

    Rodent A Killer Pickup Line™ Commercial User

    Dec 20, 2004
    Upper Left Corner (Seattle)
    Player-Builder-Founder: Honey Badger Pickups & Regenerate Guitar Works
    Sorry ... I read the title and thought this was a thread about DigMe having lost his sound ...


  8. I strung it this way and noticing some small improvement only. It is better to get the large core 130+ "B" so the tession is greater and less trouble.
  9. arcobigj


    Sep 14, 2004
    Easley, SC
    Just a thought, perhaps the nut slot is cut too deep/wide for the size string you are using?

  10. could you please give me some more explanation, why is that when the groove is too large, deep for that string.
  11. If the groove is too wide, the string will be sliding around in the groove instead of resting snugly and just breaking over the nut. Is there space on either side of the string? I can't tell from your picture.
  12. The thing is that I did file the groove down a little when I first have this bass which was few months back. The reason was, I heard a rattle noise over the nut when you play open string, B, and then I saw that the string sit on just front part of the groove so I file it to have the goove slope along with the string angle.
    That sound was gone but then I have this loose sound. I did not notice this loose sound earlier but I experience right away that it is very difficult to get a good B string for this bass. I keep trying differnt make, size and type. One thing for sure that I found is that the 125 is doing bad.
    So should I try to narrow the groove to have the grip over the B string?
    I don't know how to do that but will figureout soon but might be better if you have the idea.
    Thanks again for your thought
  13. It is a narrow brass.

    I notice that this nut has a deep groove cut in for slots compare to my other basses. The strings sit-in about 3/4 while others are 1/4. The strings set-up on this bass is perfect, mean the clearance between the fret board and the string at the nut is normal (not too low) so I think this is how Fodera make this bass.
    Today I will try to narrow the groove by insert the paper-thin copper sheet and see if that trouble is gone.
    A while ago, I received a mail from a Fodera's professional bass player who gave me some lesson telling that it is due to 34" scale and 3/2 combination that is why they extend the head machine for B further away on the later models. I alter the stringing in the manner you see in my previous post to tighten the strings but it only did better very little and it looks awkward so I quit.
    I shall try to work on the groove and will let you know. :)
  14. I put the sheet of copper into the groove but it doesn't help so I think it is because of the bass poor design where you need to increase the tension. I noticed that when I tune it to C# it is perfect. So I would definately need to increase the tension by either get a bigger string, 130+, or increase the length.
    Have never experience 135 gauge yet and woonder what it is like. Is it a good idea?? :help:
    To extend the length, will I yield additional tension??? Is it a better idea. :help:
    I could either do the first way, at the peg head as the picture shows which is looking awkward, or alter the bridge and have the through body type. I saw the Warrior did that.

    Thanks for your patient.
  15. Sawutdee Kap Charlie!

    Sorry I don't have anything to contribute, but I lived in Thailand about 10 years ago and just wanted to say hi!
  16. Hi too and welcome to the club,
    Is Toronto your home. Were you in Thailand for work or with the parents. Hope you enjoied your stay in Thailand.
  17. Yes Toronto is home.

    I was in Thailand as an exchange student for one year. Lived with a few different Thai families and went to school. Probably the best experience I've ever had. It sure did open my eyes to the rest of the world outside my little bubble. I was about 25km south of Hua Hin. Best cuisine in the world!
  18. hope to see you back one day :)
  19. Dear all,

    After tons of experimental. I found the best solution is the search the strings that works best on this bass and try to enjoy it to this limmit. I think I have found the strings for this bass, its the Fodera Nickel 125.

    Thanks for contributions...
  20. I hope that is the solution to your problem. I can't think of anything that you haven't tried.

    Best of luck!

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