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Sports cards (mostly swatches, sigs, rookies)

Discussion in 'For Sale: Other Stuff (Not bass related)' started by iplaybasstexas, Apr 5, 2009.

  1. iplaybasstexas


    Apr 5, 2008
    for sale, all OBO.

    Dale Earnhardt Sr.01-03 Press Pass DE Gallery "E2K"-$35
    Matt Kenseth- 2004 Press pass#9C SKY-$15
    Dale Jarret-03 VIP Head Gear Die-Cut -$15
    Mark Martin-03 Press PassEclipse Supernova-$10

    Tom Brady-2004 Playoff Prestige Achievements Jersey-$40
    Carson Palmer-03 Topps RC-$15
    David Garrard-02 Fleer AuthenTIX 123-$10
    Corey Dillon-04 Playoff PRestige Gridiron HeritageJersey-$10
    Michael Clayton-04 Topps Total silver-$10
    Hines Ward-98E-X 2001-$15
    Ben Troupe-04 Press Pass Bronze Autographs $20
    Jerome Bettis- 2002 Fleer Focus JE ROY collection-$10
    Matt Lienart-2006 Topps Total silver Rookie card-$15
    Reggie Bush-Topps "SIFK" Rookie- $10
    Torry Holt- 2005 Playoff Prestige Gameday Jersey-$15

    Randy Johnson-2005 Fleer Tradition Diamond Trib.Patch-$40
    Greg Maddux-2005 Fleer Trad. Diamond Trib. Game Worn-$15
    Manny Ramirez-03 Fleer Trad. Milestones Jers.-$15
    Roger Clemens-05 Donruss Elite Black $20
    Pedro Martinez-02 Leaf Rokies and Stars Longevity-$10
    Johan Santana-2000 Fleer Tradition ROOKIE U43-$20
    Tony Gwynn-03 Donruss Diamond KIngs DK Evolution-$12
    Yogi Berra-2005 Fleer Cooperstown Tribute 3 of 10 -$10
    Ted Williams-2003 Play Ball UD Home Run Heroics- $20
    Chris Shelton-2004 Fleer Ultra RC- $10
    Chipper Jones- 03 U.D. Vintage 3-D Sluggers- $20
    Jose Reyes-2005 Leaf "shirt off my back"-$15
    Jose Canseco-03 Topps Fan Favorites Bat swatch-$20
    Miguel Tejada-04 Leaf Cert. Materials Jers/bat- $15
    Jim Thome- 05 DonrussTimber and Threads Thread-$15
    Jose Valentin-05 Bazooka Blasts Bat Relics- $10
    J.D. Drew-2000 Topps Stars Game Gear Jersey swatch-$15
    Ben Sheets-05 PlayoffPrestige LeagueLeaders Single Mater.$10
    Mike Sweeney/Phil Nevin-03 Fleer Genuine Longball Threats Dual patch $15

    Lebron James-03 UD Top Prospects 55- $15
    Dwight Howard-0405 Tpps RC-$10
    Dwyane Wade/Henrich/T.J. Ford-03/04 Fleer Trad. #296-$20
    Carmelo Anthony-0304 Fleer Trad.RC- $20
    Carmelo- 03 04 Bazooka #240B-$10
    Micheal Jordan-2003/04 Vicotry Highlight Reelmakers-$20
    Ray Allen- 0304 Fleer Tradition Crystal BS-$15
    Tim Thomas-04/5-Topps Peak Performance Relics Jersey-$15
    Emeka Okafor- 04/5 Topps RC-$10
  2. iplaybasstexas


    Apr 5, 2008

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