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    I have a neighbor down the road who has a 1989 Corvette coupe just sitting in his yard, doing nothing. You see, he hasnt actually lived in that house for about 10 years now and it bugs me that such a nice car is going to waste. I stopped by and looked at the car and it looks amazing... nothing at all wrong with the body, no rust , nothing. The inside is really nice too, except i believe some rats have lived in it because there are rat turds in the back of it. I was thinking i should make an offer on it, but i dont know a whole lot about cars and i want to know exactly how much a vette like that should roughly cost, and what a price is that i should not pass up. How much should i offer him?

    oh also heres a link to a car thats exactly the same as the one i'm looking at... even the options are the same in it

    thanks everyone who can give me any advice, comments, or their time in reading my post.
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    go to and answer their questions to determine the market value and then offer a little less than that, and see what happens.

    (i'm a sports car fan, but of a different flavor - japanese cars are the ones that really tickle my fancy but i certainly wouldn't turn down a vette if i could get it at a sweet price)
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    If the car has been sitting in the grass take a good look at the underside to see that its not rusted out. Pay close attention to the brake and fuel lines, oil and tranny pan/cooler lines.

    Get under the hood and make sure that critters havent made nests there/chewed through wiring harnesses, etc.

    How are the tires?

    Does it run/drive? I'd want to know that, too. Ive seen people park nice looking cars because they smoked the tranny/tossed a rod through the block etc.....

    Whats it worth? Whatever youre willing to pay for it. If the car runs/drives and doesnt need much work other than the typical battery, belts, hoses, tires etc, I'd start at $5000 and see what he says. But, if theres any big ticket items that need replacing(engine, trans, etc.....) you may want to pass unless you can score the car dirt cheap, and/or can handle some of the repairs yourself. Even a brake job on one of these cars can get pricey if the calipers need replacing.

    Good luck.