Spotlight seeking bassists

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  1. View attachment 3819768 I’m brand new to TB, but have been playing bass for 30 years. Bass playing is a huge part of my identity as a human being. I hate work, and have no pride in what I do for a living. I have always steered toward bassists who stand out and in particular take charge. I play underground music. I started out as a metal head and went deeper into uncommercial music, punk rock, hardcore punk, death metal and grindcore and even straight noise. I have a hatred of authority and rules. To me, in art, there are no rules. I love to play distorted bass, almost always. I love bass fills and solos. I’ve never been a guitarist or wanted to be one although I love to play my bass like I am a lead guitarist. I love to turn up louder than everyone else in the band. Anyway, I worship the instrument and so many sick, badass bass players. Cheers!!!

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