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  1. I'm on a 1.5Mbps broadband link.

    I've been noticing a major degredation of internet speed when on TB. To edit some of my own posts it often takes minutes to open the editor's GUI!!

    I figured since it's a huge forum in the US, serving large amounts of information to large numbers of users, and the rest of my internet surfing was generally OK, it was to do with the WAN and/or TB server infrastructure.

    But no! I checked and found my Ad-Aware was disabled so I got the new version, scanned my system and found hundreds of Data Miners in my system!!!! Since quarantining and deleting them TB is like a rocket and the rest of the internet quicker than it ever was on broadband!!

    So everyone, please check up how much spyware is on your PC - I just worked out that most of my bandwidth was dedicated to this crap, and on a 20Gb per month capped plan, that sux a lot!!
  2. 73jbass

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    Apr 17, 2004
    I run my Webroot spysweeper every 24 hours. Great program,and it really works well.
  3. Ex-tech support mate. I do everything manually. And I assume my set and forgets stay set. Unfortunately they do usually get forgotten until somethings slows to a crawl and I go on a crusade to find the culprits.
  4. Do a search. I've written some thousand word essays explaining how to get rid of spyware. Search Title for Spyware and search username for I_Got_A_Mohawk.
  5. I knew someone would come here and spread his Mac religion. There are people that don't like Macs, get over it. So what you got a Mac? I bet you worship it all day don't you.
    Macman, if he wanted to get a Mac, he wouldn't be asking how to get rid of his spyware.
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    Looking at too much porn - or maybe daft quiz sites!! :p
  7. OP is asking how to get rid of his spyware, not what computer you use, not what computer does get viruses, not if you have a mac or not, not what you have to worry about, and not what you don't have to worry about. That's like John Doe posts a thread asking what type of bass he should get, and someone like you goes there and posts "I play the harp."
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    Mar 3, 2007
    Spyware Terminator is excellent also it's free!
  9. Me too, so there. :p

    But when I get to work I'll make sure all that stuff is working correctly on my PC. ;)

    It's amazing how much crap you pick up just casually surfing.
  10. OK, he asked us to check our PC. He didn't ask you what kind of computer you have. You could've just said you had no spyware. And I could've just said I don't have spyware on my PC as well, which is the truth. But I actually helped him, and I'm sure he can get rid of his spyware on his computer. I know all Mac users are egotistic and stubborn, but there's no need to tell everyone you have a Mac, I can tell. I have no spyware either, and I don't have a Mac. I don't have a Linux either. I have a PC. Oh I'm sorry, I meant I use Windows.
  11. nvm - Thanks guys :)

    Yeah, those, and those "illegal handbooks sites". On 3 seperate occassions while seeking that information I've had unusual "random" reboots, followed by trace files popping up unannounced on re-connecting. So of course I resumed the downloads :)

    And if you want to annoy a Quark expert Mac only user... "ya just a pixel pusher mate who doesn't dig into the OS" often works wonders on them;)
  12. RWP


    Jul 1, 2006
  13. I'm not Anti-Mac, my school's filled with Macs, and they look very neat and clean. What I don't like is people trying to preach how good Macs are like it's a freaking religion, and how people just post "I have a Mac, so I don't have to ______" in any forum that relates to computers.
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    Jul 26, 2004
    Texas, USSA
    I just reformatted my secondary hard drive at home to use Kubuntu. Totally painless install, compared to 1998 when I installed Red Hat manually, and a couple other flavors...this distro ran as a live cd, so I could check compatibility with my hardware and stuff. Once I knew I could get stuff done, I installed it on my old HD, which is running as a slave. Now when I boot up, it asks me what OS I want to run, and it's fast! My mailbox still gets the occasional "Soft [email protected]!" "[email protected]!5 for Cheap!" "New rates guarantee your mortgage for less!" spam, but they've gone down tons, and the real estate spam has almost disappeared.
  15. Me? No. IE mate. I love OS shell integration. Really, I do... :rollno:

    Ya had to quote me!! I tried to delete that :) And yeah, a big +1 to that. I hate it too.

    I gave up on Linux at Mandrake something. Linux is the only OS I've known with more distributions than users :D

  16. Pssst!

    Look here

    and here

    and here

  17. Thanks mate, I will.

    Change is good :)
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    Hey Grace..... Are you a mac user? :bag:

    j/k :p

    Seriously though. A lot of Macs run windows now. Most people don't know that you need to get spyware for your macs too because of windows in parallel.
  19. UNIX, and it's derivitive (sp?) OS's do not work the same as Windows and the networking is vastly different. The sniffer daemons that roam those OS's have a level of efficieny not understood by MS Developers :)

    Basic users on Macs don't know that ROFLMAO


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