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Squier 1983 Jazz bass: good deal?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by pantografo64, Nov 25, 2000.

  1. Hi,
    I'd like to listen to some opinions.
    In some days I'll try one of these basses.
    I'm talkin about the JV-5digit basses.
    I have to say that the words Japan vintage and their relative high prices make me laugh, but three years ago I found out one JV in a pawnshop and it was fantastic.
    I had to buy, the price was good too, but I bought a Smith BT custom two weeks before ...
  2. i have a really old fender jazz bass. i dont know where its from but im really happy with it
  3. Those old Squiers from Japan were wonderful, and at the time were considered to be better than MIA Fenders. They are collectible now for that reason.
  4. I agree with Marty...I used to have an '82 Squier P. excfellent, excellent bass. A friend has a J of the same vintage.

    I'd certainly pay $300-350 for a good one if I could find one with no complaints!


  5. I recently snagged a Korean Squier Jazz in a pawn shop for $150. It plays like a dream for how cheap it's supposed to be. The neck has pretty thick lacquer and is really smooooooth. Surprised me a lot. I got it 2 days after I first touched it. It is as good, if not better than my 1999 Mexican Jazz. Too good a deal to pass up. I'm gonna change the pickups to Dimarzio DP123's (humbucking split-coil J pickups) and put on a Gotoh 201 bridge. It'll be flawless, as far as I'm concerned, after that.


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