squier affinity p-bass or esp ltd b-50 (1st bass/beginner)

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by jonnos, Jan 30, 2005.

  1. i just want to know what people think about these 2 basses.. ill be playing a range of genres i guess.. i like the sounds of metal/gothic/punk/emo/indy.. or should i consider a squier affinity j-bass also?

    ive already got myself a used laney 50w combo amp for $60AUD..
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    Nice deal on the Laney, they make (IMHO) very under-rated amps.

    Where are you in Australia? Melbourne Music sells a couple of Essex basses (the ones available via Rondo Music in the USA) for AUS$250 -> $300. If you do go for a budget Fender, *make sure you play it* or take another bass player with more experience to check it out with you. Good deals can be had at the low end of the market, but the quality is all over the place.

  4. SirPoonga


    Jan 18, 2005
    Being new to basses, what does MIM mean? I've seen that several times before?

    BTW, once you get a bass, no matter what it is, you will start seeing bassists that play the same thing. Happened when I got my pbass. I saw Fatboy Slim playing one. Many bassists in bands on late talk shows have had pbasses. It's crazy.
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    MIM= Made in Mexico.

    MIJ and MIA you should be able to figure out...

    But I seriously suggest the SX basses - I got the 62QMD and all I have to say that it is awesome...came just about perfect (intonation was a hair off) and that was it.

    Welcome to the world of bass man...
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    Jan 18, 2005
    Ok. I don't mean to hijack the thread, BUT is there something special about MIM over others? It seems that all people talk about.

    For jonnos. I picked up my pbass about 4 months ago. After these months of research and learning about it you can get many sounds out of most any pass by changing strings and pickups. For the pbass there countless options.
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    Um, they're the cheapest fenders so they're pretty common.

    And I compared my friend's Pbass with Active pickups to my SX Jazz...(not a great comparison) but mine wins by a decent shot... So save a hundresd+ and put it toreward your amp...
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    There is nothing at all special about a MIM bass but a MIA bass is more "Special" than a MIM. You hear about MIM because their less expensive & more common and also by changing the strings of a bass you cant get much of a sound change with any bass.
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    Jan 18, 2005
    I've heard a pretty decent difference between light roundwounds and heavy flats.

    MIA, made in asia? That's good to know. Mine says Made in China.
  10. hows the ESSEX FJ62 bass?
    can any comment on this?
  11. Don't rule out a Yamaha RBX-170. I love mine. I can get a large range of tones from it, it's comfortable, and it's cheap.
  12. MIJ=Made in Japan
    MIA=Made in America
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    "No comment". :p

    Seriously though, checkout the Essex Megathread. Again - you need to check them/it out in person, but if everythings' ok then these basses are great value.

    Errrm ... I'm guessing it would be poor form to suggest to a beginner he buy a certain person's Brice 6-string that just happens to be for sale? :ninja:

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    Sep 21, 2004
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    my first two basses werea brice and an affinity squire. They cost the same, for sound alone the brice won hands down, its not even a fair comparison. As a newer bassist though, there were TONS of problems with the affinity. The wiring inside kept failing, shorting or breaking, i dont know how but it did. The pots were flimsy and made lost of noise. Something happened to the ground and it would buzz if you wernt touching the string, and then go away when you touched a string.

    I never even dropped the squire!!

    I dont have near the experience as allot of the guys on this board, but im a student, and the experience I have has mostly been with cheap basses. The SX and Brice brand basses are great, and served me well till i bought a nice(er) bass. If i could go back and do it again I woulda got the sx62 jazz bass cause it rocks and its 200 shipped (us). Its a keeper even with a high end bass. They have a special edition now too thats 220ish shipped (us again) i think and it comes with a hard case. With the money you saved you can go change the strings to suit your style and the goodies you want - strap straplock and save some for gas to band practice and lessons ;)
  15. Dincrest


    Sep 27, 2004
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    ESP/LTD isn't a bad brand to check out. Their instruments are said to be quite well made across the board (be it starter instruments or stuff from their custom shop.) However, ESP/LTD isn't a brand you see a lot of bassists using, hence folks may not be in the know about it as they are about other brands.

    I was seriously considering ESP/LTD basses for a while when shopping around for a new bass last year.

    When it comes to starter basses, there are a lot of good brands out there:

    -Ibanez has some killer beginner basses. The GSR200 has more features at a cheaper price than my starter Ibanez did back in '94.

    -Peavey has some great basses. Their Fury line looks, sounds, and feels more expensive than they actually are.

    -Yamaha's basses are always consistent in quality from their starter basses to their signature models. I also prefer the feel of Yamaha necks over Ibanez necks. And I like the look of the RBX body.

    I wouldn't discount newer Samick's either. Ever since Greg Bennett revamped the guitar/bass line, their stuff is good. I love my Fairlane 6. Though for 4-strings, I prefer the more expensive, but still reasonably priced, Cobra or Tabu models.
  16. ah thanks for the replies guys..
  17. bass-shy


    Jan 11, 2005
    Based on your first two choices, I would suggest the ESP LTD B-50. If nothing else, you have more versatile electronics, (p and j pickups as opposed to just the p in the Squire), and the B-50 has a 24 fret neck, if playing in those registers should ever appeal to you. My first bass was a Squire P-bass and it was crap. (IMO). My second bass was an ESP LTD C-304 and it is the only one I decided to keep after selling all of the others. If you go for the B-50, be sure to let us know how you like it.