SOLD Squier Bass VI with Alef Aluminum Neck

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    Jul 6, 2018
    Mint condition(still had the plastic on the neck plate until I had swapped in the Alef aluminum neck, which I paid $750 straight from Alef) Squier Bass VI with the aforementioned neck and a fresh set of Labellas. I've also swapped out the stock tremolo with a stainless hardtail--the stock trem is included, as is the stock neck. I also dropped in aluminum inserts into the bridge ferrules to help stabilize the bridge--they'll slide right out if need be.

    Just installed the neck this weekend, and the sustain and tone it imparts are absolutely amazing. Very clear and chimey, but a nice aggressive bite with some gain/overdrive. Weighs a bit more than a traditional wood neck, but no discernible neck dive. There is a bit of fret buzz from the low E with heavier picking, which seems to be typical of what I've read about the Bass VI. That said, I basically swapped necks with no setup beyond that; a pro setup(I'm no luthier) would probably help alleviate it.

    Also includes a nearly new SKB PB/Jazz case with keys. I cut out two small bits of inner foam near the heel and lower horn so the VI would fit snug in the case.

    I bought the Bass VI on a whim, and find it just isn't my thing. Will ship anywhere CONUS for $1050 plus up to $100 shipping. I’ll refund any difference if shipping is below $100. I'd consider reasonable offers if you're relatively local to Baltimore and want to pick it up.

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  2. Wow that is really cool