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Squier Bronco/Musicmaster Pickguard

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by R. Laevinus, Nov 22, 2010.

  1. Hi folks - I'm in the process of acquiring a Musicmaster bass that I intend to use as my main axe. Before I do though, I'd like to do some mods to it, one of which involves replacing the original pickguard (it's somewhat shrunken and distorted) with a custom wood guard.

    I would like to do a new shape as well - I'd like to use the shape of a Bronco guard as the base. Unfortunately, I don't have a Bronco lying around to pork the pickguard off of.

    So I'm asking if anybody has a tracing of a Bronco guard they could scan and send me, or if anybody knows where I can purchase an aftermarket Bronco guard.

    I could, of course, simply buy a Squier locally, take off the guard and trace it, put it back together and return it, but I'd prefer to not do that if possible.

    Can anybody help me out?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. jallenbass

    jallenbass Supporting Member Commercial User

    May 17, 2005
    Bend, Oregon
    I'll send you a cardboard template. Unless you would prefer a scan as a pdf. I can't find anyone who will create a custom Squier pickguard without a tracing of the original.
  3. PM sent.
  4. ...and once again, I feel the need to state publicly that I Love Talkbass and its denizens.

    Very kind offers, both of you! Jallenbass, thanks a million, but I think Ponticat has my problem solved for me.

  5. Pilgrim

    Pilgrim Supporting Member

    I've bought a Bronco PG on Ebay - there's a seller in the biz of providing them. Got a nice black pearloid one for about $30 if memory serves.
  6. jallenbass

    jallenbass Supporting Member Commercial User

    May 17, 2005
    Bend, Oregon
    I'd like to know who that is.
  7. Pilgrim

    Pilgrim Supporting Member

    I checked my Paypal receipts and the seller's ID was dazbootman. Cost was $32.99 plus $6.95 shipping. I assume he wouldn't mind my giving this info to send business his way...but I checked and I don't see any auctions from him at present.
  8. Hey there, I have a bronco right now, and I was thinking about putting a music master pickguard on it. Kind of the opposite of the original question - if I buy a music master pickguard, will it fit the bronco as-is?

    Also, if I like how the music master pickguard looks, I might let go of my bronco pickguard. Did you find one yet?

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