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SOLD Squier Bullet Bass P Bass Headstock

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by StreetScenes, Oct 14, 2013.

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  1. 10272344436_5611f439c0.

    MIK Squier Bullet 1980s

    I picked this guy up from it's original owner, but the neck is not beefy enough for me. What I can see is it has a few nicks and indents, but really a closet kept bass. I even have the orange lined chipboard case. I think this body is a alder? I could be wrong but the neck pocket looked like a solid body not ply.

    It has...
    • One small scratch on the back, a few indents on the sides. I tired to get hem as best as I could.
    • One odd/tiny paint crack by the input jack. It's looks to be in the paint only.
    • The action is good and the truss rod has some room left to move.

    All in all not bad for a 30 year old bass.

    $235 Shipped in it's case

    More Pics here:
  2. Would consider parting it out as well if some is interested in just the neck or body.
  3. TTT

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