Squier Bullet Bass vs. Squier Affinity?

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  1. Local shop just received a few new Squier Bullet Basses in both Precision and Jazz configurations. They appear to be pretty much identical to the new Affinity basses and are priced the same.

    I know the new Affinity basses are made in China. These new Bullet Basses were made in Indonesia. Has Squier decided to continue to produce entry level basses in both countries and just name them differently, or are there substantive differences you just can't see? Or, is it something else altogether?

    By the way, the Bullet Basses looked, played, and sounded very nice (especially the Jazz bass). I was surprised at how good they were considering that they were priced in the $170 range.
  2. punisher911


    Jan 20, 2005
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    To me, I don't care about the "made in" sticker when I look for playability and sound. I have owned and gigged with Made in Germany Warwicks, Made in USA Fenders, Made in USA Stingray Classic, and even China Squiers. The more expensive basses were good conversation pieces, as fellow musicians always wanted to discuss them, but no one ever complained about my tone or playing when I was using a Squier Bronco on stage or in the studio. Whether or not that helps your post? Not sure.

    I guess my point is, forget the "made in sticker" play it and listen to it.. "Made in" is nowhere near as important as "played by".
  3. Where it's made is not the point. I just want to know what the differences (if any) between the two are, aside from country of origin.
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    I have the same question about the difference (if any) between the Bullet and Affinity basses.
    Rather than post the same question again, I bumped this threa to see if anyone knows.
    They look the same to me.
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    the bullets are the bottom of the Squier line, one difference between them and the higher end Squiers would be the body thickness, the Bullets will have a thinner body.
  6. felis


    Jul 31, 2013
    Midwest, USA